YOU'RE a part of this so help me decide

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  1. +1 :(
  2. $600 to get the car. We raised $250 which BK now has. That's an '86 Mustang for $350. Still sounds like a good deal to me.
  3. Anybody seen or heard from Kieth?
  4. I talked to BK on friday, hes on an break from the internetz for a couple of weeks.
  5. +3
    I was feeling and thinking this as well, but i decided to keep my mouth shut cuz i didnt hear anybody else comlaining.I wanted to donate to his funds but im so broke right now i cant even donate to myself. But if i had given money i would have felt the exact same way. People came out of the woodwork everywhere to help you out, and donated money they didnt have and gave you a car. If i had given the car/ money i would feel pretty slapped in the face right now. Just my honest opinion tho.
  6. id fix the notch.. then do something different with the 86.
    maybe a drag car?
  7. This could get realllllllllll interesting realllllllllll quick.........Just do the right thing BK. I am sure you will.
  8. The Notch was wrecked, money was donated so BK could go pick up the '86 and make it a DD. That's what I thought was gonna happen. I guess if he puts it toward fixing the Notch, that'd be fine as long as it's to be his DD. :shrug:
  9. Not with money donated to fix up a DD. :nono:
  10. Get the 86 .. 2 cars are better than one... For future plans/possibilites anyways!

  11. I was thinking about it and I think that whether he goes and gets the '86 or fixes his Notch, I guess it's up to him as long as it's still because he needs a car and not a drag car. I know he's greatful for the help he's recieved and I doubt he's looking a gift horse in the mouth. He found out the Notch was fixable AFTER the donation were made ('86 and cash). I don't see a point in doggin' him out.

    Regardless of which way he chooses to go, I do hope the money goes to either car. I do know also, that $250 isn't near enough to do either. He'll still need to save more money.
  12. I vote he does whatever he wants. If he is really that worried couldn't he ask the people who gave their opinion?
  13. I really don't see a big deal here. I OFFERED a car to him. Others OFFERED money to help him. You guy's came up with $250 to go toward the car. It takes $600 and 26hrs to get from there to here and back. As far as I am concerned if he can get another donor car for the $600 in his home town, I would do that. When I made the offer I did it because I felt bad for him. We all offered what we did because his situation sucks. Let him make the decision. It is his money and his car if he wants it.
  14. +1 bk wouldn't do anything crazy anyway, donor car or save his car that's what he will do in the end. the donor car was a stand up offer, but that's alot to travel, I would investigate saving your car some more, like I wrote before it really looks like it can be saved. I wish you the best of luck.
  15. Soooooo ... has a decision been made yet? :shrug:
  16. ok first off WOW if i had known this was going to blow up i nmy face like it did i would have thought twice about it. i have decided to fix my notch. i am not using the money to do anything else with it. i have made a few trips to the junk yard and i have a buddy that gave me some parts and im trying to fix it as quick as possible. and when it gets done it is going to be my DD. i dont have mucj time to go into detail, but im sorry if i pissed anyone off and i AM NOT looking a gift horse in the mouth. this just seems to be a more economical and time saving decision.

    but i cant stress enough how much i appreciate the help from everyone. and im not using the money for anything else but fixing my car so i will have a reliable ride.
  17. Congrats Keith, Im glad you are fixing it. And welcome back by the way.
  18. :nice: