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  1. Yesterday I posted a thread titled "Rough idle driving me nuts", begging for help with an erratic, rough idle in my 93 5.0. This was due to the fact that I had been battling this problem for about two weeks. I had pulled codes 14 and 19 from the ECU and performed the following actions which did no good:

    plug wires...replaced and upgraded
    (2)o2 sensors...replaced
    MAF...removed /cleaned
    EGR valve...removed/cleaned
    throttle body/EGR spacer...removed/cleaned
    gaskets for all the above...replaced
    Timing..set to 12 deg BTDC
    :bang: :bang:

    Spent 300+ bucks and over 12 hours before I gave up and drove it 60 miles north to an old friend who owns a mechanic shop. Turns out the codes were actually 41 and 91...and the whole problem, (even the cause of the lean o2 condition), was a split vacuum line way up under the upper plenum!!!!!!! I AM SO STUPID!!! I guess it's true -- when all else fails...go back to the basics! BTW, Thanks White 95 5.0 for your help! :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  2. No problem, Now spray that thing so I can have a good run :D
  3. how did you get that bad of a mess up???
  4. loL.......sdrawkcaB :D
  5. I bought a cheap Actron OBD I scanner. Apparently right before the scanner flashes codes during the KOER test, it sends one "Dynamic Response" flash. I misunderstood this single flash to be a 1 followed by a 4. Code 14 pertains to a loss of signal from the PIP (Profile Ignition Pickup). Therefore, I replaced the entire distributor, wires and plugs. As I said, I found out later that the codes were 41 and 91...not 14 and 19. It just snowballed from there...oh well, all the extra hardware must have done some good, she runs better now than ever! :shrug:
  6. Just think of it as an excuse to have done what you did - you were probably going to get around to it one day anyway :nice:

  7. I had the exact thing happen to me...even the same hose in the same "hidden" location! I was so happy to have the return of touchless starting and a rock solid idle!!!
  8. Very thorough tuneup.

    Where is the OBD1 connector on the 89 to 93 5.0? I want to do a very thorough tuneup.
  9. Near the driver's side shock tower...It's got a black cover on it, and says "EEC Test Port" I think...

    Sounds like you did a very thorough tune up on it. Like you said, everything you did only made it run better. IMO that's always time well spent.
  10. Wow, this baby's only a couple years old. :D
  11. Ya just gotta love Walmart special code readers. No more dot-dot-dash-dash-hooey. Just code numbers. :D

  12. i still use an analog voltometer lol.... sometimes it takes me a couple times to get the codes cause i misinterpret them

    oh well this is why i bought a PMS lol (well not the only reason)
  13. is there a list somewhere that tells you what every code/# means?
  14. haynes manual

    The codes are listed, but there isn't much help on how to find and fix the problem that caused them.

    That's what Stangnet is for.:SNSign:
  16. Yep... only here, the rule is that we must have you swap a $270 minimum in parts that have nothing to do with the problem before we turn you onto the real cure. Just make sure you buy American. :p
  17. What plugs? My plugs are so old they are rusting.
  18. Eh, little dyslexia never hurt anyone.
  19. Ummm... excuse me, why is this thread 2 years old???
  20. Because enyawix opened the thread back up to ask a question which by the way, is exactly what you're supposed to do.

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    Reopen old thread vs. starting a new one

    Welcome to Stangnet enyawix. It's nice to see a new face that actually knows how to use a forum from time to time. :nice: