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  1. i had a friend of mine call me the other day cause he new i was looking for 99 and to 04gt, and he told me he had a steel for me.:shrug: well it turned out to be 2000 5spd gt loaded with 72k moiles, i went and looked at it and started negotiating. the guy told me he replaced the computer, #8 coil pack, and the # fuel injector for a code that it kept throwing (po308). he told me five grand cash it was mine. i forked up the cash. (i didnt inquire as to wether or not the plugs had been changed) i trailerd it home, and stripped it down and did a full tune up, come to find out the car had factory plugs and the #8 plug well had what in it?, antifreeze. so i cleaned it up, put it back together and waala, dang thing runs like it brand new. so as a nice jesture i called him and told him i fixed it and what the problem was, and that he could have the car back for the same money he declined:rolleyes:. so thats my steel of the week.
  2. Good deal. Thats funny you called him back and offered it back to him. Oh well, your car now. :nice:
  3. Steel=Metal

    Steal is what your looking for.
  4. If i got a car with antifreeze in one of the cylinders, I would offer it back too. :shrug:
  5. I think he meant down in the spark plug well.
  6. good steal... i paid 4100 for mine. the guy just wanted it gone
  7. Hell yeah, that is an AWESOME deal.

    As far as the anti-freeze in the plug well... There is a 99.9% chance that is from the intake manifold giving out.

    Keep an eye on it and the coolant level. Coil packs aren't cheap to replace. Just be prepared to buy a new intake manifold and gaskets.
  8. Darkwritter must be hireing assistants :rlaugh:
  9. Nice what are you going to do? Keep it and drive it, or try to flip it for a profit?
  10. I hope I can find a deal like that when I am ready to buy.

    What is the condition of the car? With only 72k on the car it can't be too bad.

    I wish that when I sold my GT that the guy would have offered to cancel the deal. That was a nice gesture and very honest, way to go.

    By the way...

    This thread is useless without pics!
  11. Nice steal. I wish I had your luck instead of having to pay $9,000 (not including tag and title). I would look for a private salesperson but they're a bit hard to find. I suppose something will come around within the next few months.
  12. :rolleyes:H to the NO, im gonna drive the balls off it. might be the one i put the power adder to. sorry for the miss spell, but was in a hurry. however it is the intake, looked at it a little more today and did a coolant pressure test and sure enough there it was. ive got a new intake coming should be here monday. and as far as condition, its in very good shape. seets are intact, and all power options still work:D

    p.s. i offered it back when i noticed the problem and knew how and what it would take to fix it.

  13. Not sure it counts if you apologize for bad gramar then do it again in the same paragraph..... :D

    Good find on the car btw!
  14. Did you get the one with an aluminum crossover?
  15. I would only hope he did haha....get some pics up now!:D
  16. Nice Buy! You gave the person a chance to get it back and he declined so enjoy your STANG
  17. Wow thats a interesting story! Im watching Pay it Forward as Im writing this reply and what you did was a "Pay it Forward" move. lol Not many people would have called the seller back like you did. I think thats cool.

    Nice steal!! Show us some pics!