Roush YouTube - sick saleen

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by THX 138, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Eh!!! I think its kinda ghetto...takes away from the performance...:notnice:
  2. Its a replica Saleen anyway. No C pillar. "06" for the run number. Impressive show car though.
  3. Definalty takes away from the performance aspect.
  4. one word............ 'BORING"

    All that air ride stuff does absolutely nothing for performance let alone anything good. Just a waste of money to me. I guess I'm just too old to get it.

  5. I agree. Boring and the wrong car. A caddy or Town car would be a better choice. Never too old George, just smarter then most:D
  6. You got that right Cory!
    I'll ditto that!

    See Ya Bill
  7. Bill, I like your banner, that looks cool.
  8. Yo-Yo-Dawg! Thatz PIMP! LOL
  9. GAWD, I hate rap, hip hop or whatever it's called now!!! :bang:

    And that air ride suspension is just lame, lame, lame... :bs:
  10. Randy I knew you would like it! When you getting it for the SSC? ROTFLMAO-PIP.
  11. When are the 13 inch rims with 4 inch spacers going on? :notnice:
  12. Someone posted it here a few weeks ago, it was hated as much as it is right now.
  13. ah sorry then. I've had my Saleen about a week and a half now :SNSign:
  14. The only faker I know with a white car and that fake bumper number is that DJ guy who helped start saleenpower. He didn't have the c-pillars either. Actually, saleenpower was started by guys with clones so maybe it should be re-named

    The only reason I remember that car is that the guy claimed Steve Saleen signed the dash making it a "real" car. Like everyone else said, Steve will sign anything. I thought he sold it.
  15. I'm gonna get some of those bouncy air shock things and go for the highest bouncing SSC in the world.LOL
  16. You go Randy!!!
  17. I thought that the Air Ride system was all ghetto hype too, but I watched a segment on Horsepower TV yesterday where they installed the system on a Camaro and it actually improved handling almost 5 sec around a road course and the slalom numbers where much better too.
    I actually think the kit is sort of neat because you can raise or lower your car at the touch of a button. Slam it at the track or raise it when you are trailering the car to a show so you don't mess up the paint on your front spoiler (among other scenarios)
  18. MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. So, where are the gold plated Daytons? The car just isn't complete w/o some ghetto wheels. Also, he should put the his car club name or his last name in giant letters on the rear windshield.