Youtube trash talk Trailblazer SS vs. 5.0

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  1. Here's a really long kinda funny youtube argument on one of my vids... sorry if I make an ass out of myself with the way I talk to these loons...I'm nismoz31turbo...

    nismoz31turbo...well, for parts that are not "ford factory" parts on my car...that'd be headers, flows, 3.73's my b303 cam, and my rockers...but I have an 88 engine, that includes a "stock" intake, that is ported, and e7te heads, that are also a roundabout way, my car is using the stock parts, there just gutted and smoothed out...when I raise my hood, the only thing that doesn't look stock is my msd cap, crane coil and my nitrous solenoids...

    NaturallyAspiratedHP....headers, gears, heads, cam, rockers, and a MSD is not what I call very light mod's, not to mention the nitrous. but NICE KILL now it makes sense :)

    nismoz31turbo..... I didn't know msd caps made more power??? the heads on my car are e7te's they are factory mustang heads from 87-93, I didn't use the nitrous against this guy, I wasn't even setup for spray, when I'm spraying, my initial timing is at 8 degrees, in this race I was pulling 15 degrees, my car HAS run LOW 12's with nitrous...believe me, no one in town wants me to use it, they all bitch and complain and call it cheating...

    rickleg.........try not getting so defensive over it though, you only hold up the whole "mustang drivers are dicks" label and besides, bottles are for babies.

    NaturallyAspiratedHP.... I bet that's not even your car. your just the dumb ass standing on the side of the road apologizing because you couldn't even get shot

    nismoz31turbo....what???? ahhh yeah, that's my car, the fact that you'll even stoop as low as to accuse me of bull****ting about owning that car shows me how desperate you are to take my credibility from me...come on pal, if I was making this **** up, I'd have at least a turbo 03 Cobra...

    rickleg...... like my dad's 600 hp Z06? oh wait, that wouldnt be lieing
    and that doesnt have a bottle

    nismoz31turbo.....that's cool, you're daddy has a vette...I quit bragging about my dad back in elementary school...real cool, real cool....

    rickleg..... prolly cause he didnt have anything like that to brag about, please dont tell me you wouldnt use that if someone tried handing you a bunch of bull****

    nismoz31turbo....that's cool I understand got to live your life vicariously through your all seriousness, grow up... my life vicariously through my father....just because i have the priviledge of driving a Z06 (not in my name, but my family) means i have to... grow up? i dont get that one, nismoz31turbo

    nismoz31turbo......oooohhhhhh your "daddy" let you drive it.....well, my grandfather once played college basketball, you know he actually wore the "old school" converses...well he played many games against old timers like chamberlain and bill russell, see this was before the day of the three point was only once, and I do mean only once...but my grandfather out of the goodness of his heart...let me smell them...I could smell the sweet smell of success, I loved it!!! see rickleg, I'm just like you!!!

    nismoz31turbo....there are faster cars than mine in's just that for friday night cruising...there aren't that many people running in the 12's on the street...I guess seeing a foxbody beat a trailblazer ss hurts huh? Let me guess you own one? It's o.k., I got a car that with three grand in it total, that'll smoke a 391 horsepower trailblazer, that's the bottom line, and bottles aren't for babies, bottles are for the people like you that'll bitch and moan cuz they lost to a 22 year old car...

    this is a shorter version....
  2. either cliff notes or the bant stick should be enforced...
  3. Switch out speedo gears so you do 0-100 in two seconds :D (vid the speedo lol.)
  4. I'm not reading all that.

    Somebody tell me what to do
  5. It's spam! It's coming right for us, lock the thread before it's too late :fuss:
  6. :lol:
  7. I stopped at "kinda funny"... if its not worthy of being called "really funny", or at least "funny" then its not worth my time.
  8. sorry about the kinda funny thing..I think I'm too much of a reallist and try to generally be too for the speedo thing, I've got the 85 mph speedo, with a 2.73 speedo gear and 3.73's in the rearend...I was thinking about posting a vid of that, I'm sure they wouldn't even notice..
  9. wheres this vid at? searched youtube and found nothing!
  10. I dont see a video at all?

  11. There's nothing more entertaining than when the powers that be seem to give up and say F'it. I wish for once a cop would pull me over and just say "siiigh, i'm not gonna bother with the usual how fast were you going crap...tellme what to do".
  12. to long to read! :notnice:
  13. Why even have a video that you can't see. More like a sound clip:notnice:
  14. Right, and someone needs a driving lesson :D.
  15. Browsing the OP, it looked like a lot of "yo daddy this, yo daddy that" garbage, so I skipped it. Did I miss anything important? ... like a YouTube video hidden somewhere in the middle of all that? :shrug:
  16. You Tube has some of the most pathetic comments and arguements I have ever read. I can't believe them when I read them.:notnice:

    Go look up like street fights, or UFC fights. They really get into nasty name calling on that stuff.
  17. i invented the youtube comment war. yep, i did.

  18. I hate reading those You Tube arguements, and pretty much evey video has mind numbingly stupid comments and arguements.:nonono: They're so retarded I wish they would ban the comment feature.