you've got gt40 heads with a cam?

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  1. What are cam you running with your gt40 heads and what springs did you go with and did you get different retainers or locks since the exhaust and intake are different heights.
  2. B cam with Manley Raceflow valves. I can't answer your other questions. The valves, springs and retainers were in the heads when I got them. I asked my machine shop to verify they were correct for the cam and they said the springs etc. were fine.
  3. tfs1 cam with GT40 springs
  4. TFS stage 1 cam and Trickflow spring kit for Ford iron heads. The TFS spring kit comes with the different height retainers to make up for the height difference between the exhaust and intake valves.
  5. Well i was looking around and i guess for the gt40 to run dual vlave springs you have to get the head machined for it.So i took them in and the machine shop only charges 32 bux for both heads so what the hell.There also gonna check out what the springs are good for from my afrs and if there over kill or not.But ive been told afr only install valve springs that bareley meet the cam requirements.
  6. :eek: and its fine?
  7. one of my motors has GT-40 heads(from 94 cobra) running a e303 cam .194/.160 Ferrea valves , sorry forgot what springs .They are double springs with a dampener
  8. This is a speed density project I'm working on, in this case the cam called for double springs. Intake springs were shimmed to match exhaust installed height and seat pressure...... ~160#.


  9. I have the same combo that ryc cukr is using.

    I used to have a Bcam with the gt40p heads. It was a nice cam, sounded real good and pulled hard. I know the heads had some kind of machine work dont before I bought them, and the valve seals on them were definately changed, but the retainers were stock, so I cannot confirm whether the springs were the stock explorer springs, but I never had a problem with them (from what I can tell) but it really wasnt the best Idea, I should have changed the springs, 130 bucks is nothing for insuring your motor.

    I just ordered a tfs cam and I ordered that same tfs spring kit ryc cukr posted a link for. The kit is real nice, it comes with everything, springs, retainers, shims, seals, keppers, and spring height tool so you can install them yourself. I just finished assembling one of my heads yesterday and it took me about an hour. Theres a forum on corral talking down about the tfs spring kit, and the keepers they use, but I have yet to see someone have a problem with them or destroy a motor using that kit.

    I dont know how it runs yet though as it is not put back together, but I am going to assume it will run ALOT better.
  10. te only issue i know of is ppl say just to throw away the tfs vlave seals and get oem ones.But then again that was on corral forum.
  11. Well there are knowledgeable people on corral, wondering why they say that though, never heard of a problem with them, they look just like the ones I had on the heads before I disassembled them. Got a link?
  12. nope i just google "gt40 heads" or "GT40 spring upgrade" and see what i find and with any other part i buy/thinking.
  13. I heard the same thing as well but I haven't had any issues with leaking valve seals as of yet and they have been on the car for 4 or 5 years.
  14. I should have specified cobra gt40 springs.
  15. HAHA, thats exactly where I got my misunderstanding from. Thanks for clearing that up. Just picked up a used e303 for $50.
  16. good score. hell, I tried finding a used stocker for that price and had a hard time.