You've got to be kidding me.......

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  1. Just shows a search dude, not a specific listing...:shrug:
  2. pooo let me try this again
  3. that is crazy but man sure would be awesome to get the seats and the drivetrain for my car
  4. That's fishy as all hell to me. That car is stolen or something. You CAN get a replacement title...why wouldn't you be able to unless maybe the car isn't yours or maybe you've failed to make payments and they're trying to take it back and instead you're parting it out?
  5. yea sounded like a fishy deal to me
  6. that car is deffinatly stolen....someone should report it
  7. lol yeah I am pretty sure that is the same car that was on Ebay a few weeks ago. I called and got some bs about a can file for a lost title, I have done it. I am baffled about it. Surely as dumb as a theif is, they wouldn't part a stolen car out on Craigslist....ok maybe they would....
  8. I'm leaning more towards the repo thing. With the economy the way it is, i wouldn't put it past someone to part out a car before they let a dealership or bank repo it. I actually know a dead beat who was trying to sell a Trans Am with a "lost title" which was actually just being repo'ed.
  9. Just go snag a high milage '99 V6, and swap everything over.... then let them repo the Cobra with all the V6 crap on
  10. :lol:

    that sucks, looks like that car is in damned good shape too
  11. HOTTTTT! somtin stinks im 20 minutes from hazlet definitely a town where sometin would be fishi since it is on raritan bay:nono::rlaugh:
  12. I bet that car is stolen. Lost title...DMV won't give another???? :bs:

    You can apply for a lost title. It costs $15 in my state. You can go get it the same day, or wait 4-6 weeks to get it in the mail. Then at the top of the new title, it says something like "This is a duplicate title...blblblblaaaabla bla"

    I'd stay away from that car if you are a decent human being.
  13. this post just killed 5 brain cells
  14. Looks like the party's over. lol
  15. +1 :lol:
  16. ow **** your all out :D
  17. common Lynn what's so hard to understand about that post, let me try again i think the car is hot (stolen), i live 20 minutes away by car from Hazlet. The town of Hazlet borders the banks of Raritan bay which the car was posted from, i'll let you fill in the rest. ANY BETTER :shrug::nice::thinking::leaving: