youve gotta be kidding me.... bolt in the oil pan

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SAY GO, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. So last night i was trying to figure out my lifter problem and getting pretty tired i was gonna call it a night, so im gonna take the tray out and go home so im getting the bolt out near the back of the motor and as im doing this in my less than wide awake condition (shouldnt have been ****ign with it in the first place.) my brothers dog does something outside the open garage that startles me and i let the bolt go right down into the oil pan... i heard it hit and my heart sank. i have been ****ing with this car for months and im getting so sick of dealing with it. so my question is who has any tips to getting this thing out? or do i have to jack the motor up and drop the pan? i have a tubular k-member and a 7 qt canton oil pan. i already unbolted the pan and its hitting some tube for the power steering rack so it wont drop down, i left im a pretty disgusted/tired/feellikecrying mood last night and i just wanna get it done.. the only thing i could think of is id the bolt fell in just the right way im gonna take one of those long magnet things and see if i cant get ahold of it, but any other ideas?
  2. oh man that sucks.
    I would try the magnet, but I am afraid you might be dropping the pan in the near future
  3. If you can get the back to drop down enough to get a flexi magnet in there you might be able to retreive it, with out fully taking the pan off... Good luck.
  4. Oh geez man... that sucks. I'd go for the flex-magnet thing as well. It's worth a shot.

    I had simular problems with the Cougar. I go to change sparkplugs and two break in the head. I change intake, one bolt broke in the head. Then some dirt or carbon got stuck in a valve's seat so I have no more compression in cylinder #7... Not once can I do something on that car without it going real bad. I got to the point where I was scared to remove the valve covers for fear of breaking bolts in the head again. :(

    Oh and not to mention with a brand new freaking SVT intake, one of the NEW bolts snapped in the lower intake with only 20lbs of force. I sold the intake and the COugar is for sale lol
  5. bummer! i wonder if its possible to take one of those really strong magnents and pull the bolt along the bottom of the pan??
  6. :scratch: Sounds like something I'd do... look at it this way, if you need a clutch/throw out bearing/rear main seal/tranny mount/motor mount change now's the time :)
  7. i dont know much about the oil pan, so forgive me if this sounds rediculous....but cant you just leave it in there, and replace the bolt for the tray? or is that risky?
  8. Thats what I was thinking too. Is it one of the small bolts that holds the spider down? If so, it should be small enough to ge out of the drain plug hole. Only other think I could think of would be to drag it towards the front of the pan and try to fish it out through the distributor hole with one of those telescoping magnets. Good luck.
  9. to risky NEVER leasve a bolt in your oil pan

    yes it is, that may be doable, but i think its near the back in which case ill just go out the oil drain
  10. Damn that sucks! Sorry man, but everyone goes through this kind of crap, somtimes I think these fast new motors are more of a pian in the ass then they are worth but they sure are fun to drive!!! I am with the strong magnet guy dragging it acroos the pan to the drain hole you should be able to get it out.
  11. well i havent got as chance to try it yet but i got a really strong magnent from you think the pan being metal to would pose a problem?
  12. stick a piece of paper between the large magnet face and the pan so you don't scratch it all up. Plus, it'll make it a little easier to slide around on. If you can get it near a drain hole, you should beable to fis it out with some bent pliers or one of those grabber devices.

    Good luck man.
  13. I don't see the problem with leaving it in there if you cant get it out. Its not going to get picked up in the oil pickup because it has a screen over it. Wheres it going to go... nowhere. :nice:
  14. NO it should not be a problem but do like srothfuss says and use something in between the pan so you don;t sratch it. But if you don't care just go for it. Let us know!