You've gotta check out this Vette

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  1. WTF is that? LOL
  2. alot of people in this country have issues.
  3. I imagine that's what your avatar was looking at when his picture was taken.

    I don't even know what to say. "I've seen worse"? Maybe it'll start a new trend?
  4. It looks like he sprayed the entire car with bed-liner.......THEN spray painted it LOL!
  5. yeah, it sucks, but it sucks an ass load of air and can haul. I'll take a beater over it, though.

  6. Seriously LOL at that thread...THat is ****ing hysterical!!! I would like to dive into that guys brain, i bet he has an interesting outlook on life! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. wow, normally you onl;y see ugly crap like that on cheap cars....not a fairly expensive car like a vette...
  8. i seen a 05+ GT this weekend with a Line-X racing stripe. Yea, i said Line-X. Black with a red stripe.
  9. ive seen the first one in person (drove next to it)

    its pretty bad..
  10. Yea but in the end the guy probably did because of a ew reasons.

    1. He has the money to throw away
    2. loves the idea of having a super duper altra riced out sleeper
    3. wiping the laughs off the faces of people when he smokes them in the ugliest corvette to be allowed by god her/himself.

    I would drive it lol
  11. I wonder how those cars drive. Need more engine pics!
  12. You think he'd sell the hood "ornament"?
  13. I never thought I would see a C6 vette that I would not drive..

    If that thing came into my shop I would refuse to road test it because i would not want to be seen in it.
  14. lol, even if it has a procharger, I wouldnt want to be seen out in public in it....wonder what the resale value would be?