You've gotta see these new '87+ headlights...everyone's gonna run these

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  1. Oh yea....they're called Euro Fishbowls...dig it.

  2. Where do i get a pair? Will i need a dyno tune afterwards? Will it void my factory warrenty?
  3. Cool a disco Stang, I hope it has the porno red... or maybe it was built by West Coast Customs lol
  4. We had them over-nighted from TOKYO JAPAN can't get these at Autozone! :rlaugh:
  5. Theres places to shop other then autozone :eek:
  6. turn the high beams on and lets eat some sushi!!!!!
  7. Here's another good shot

  8. Them things right there is hot.
  9. thats friggin hilarious
  10. man i want a pair!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Freaking hilarious.

    So in what condition were you in when you got the idea to flood your headlamp and drop a fish in?

    Stay off the cheap drugs.

    VERY FUNNY:lol:


    Actually the light was already flooded and my buddy's brother is a fisherman, and he had a cooler of minnows so i ******ed one and slipped it into the headlight for laughs and got a was pretty funny to see in person...the little guy was swimming all over the place. Then we realised we couldn't get him out and now the minnow is still in there, dead and stinkin LOL.
  13. lmfao maybe I should go stick my siters gold fish in my buick taillight, its gettin towed tomorrow lol
  14. hesh, there, i've contributed enough to this thread. hey ss-302-coupe, you still want the wheels, you got dibs on them
  15. no way man, you gotta run salt water to be a pimp
  16. lol.
    The pic reminded me of the fat kid in the 40-year old Virgin.
    "I just want to buy these shoes so I can take them home...and wear them!":rlaugh: