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  1. You aint lying.....he should have sent it back.
  2. I don't think the real Saleen owners have to worry, it would take an idiot to spend $250 on an ID plate for a fake Saleen. I would like to have a custom plate made for mine that says Faleen, this is not a real Saleen, much faster. LOL. If I would have done it over I wouldn't have went with the Saleen look cause I hate the 1 billion times I get asked if it is a real Saleen. Now I have too much invested in it to change it. Oh well, maybe I will park an 05 Saleen beside of it next year. I can't wait to see what they will look like.
  3. He should send it back!! :notnice:
  4. damn, i think that is kinda stupid to be selling that. especially for $250, but i am sure someone will buy it. i'm with everyone else, he should have sent it back to saleen.
  5. When I bought my 2002 Saleen non S/C it came without a console plaque. I purchased the car right off the showroom floor of Beverly Hills Ford. I thought for sure that some kid must have swiped it, but the console was very clean. It just was left off during the build in Irvine.
    I ordered a new console plaque and a few months later a new engine bay plaque showed up. I sent it back to Liz. Hmmm. Saleen would NEVER send out a plaque of any kind blank. Sounds like there is more to the story than we know. I saw that thing on E-bay around a week ago. It looked authentic.
  6. The same person tried to sell it on ebay and guess what... it got pulled. The admin of the site needs to delete that post. There is no need for people to be "trying" to sell that item. It is authentic. There have been a few people with these plaques. But every time they try to list them on ebay, they WILL get pulled... trust me. :)

    Did anyone happen to notice this auction also?

    This person is trying to pass the car as a Saleen for the most part... look at the dash plaque and engine bay plaque. Look really close to the engraving on the engine plaque. When I saw the auction it really made me laugh allot. And the number, 97-3210 LOL LOL That is just stupid IMO.
  7. It say 97 Saleen GT Steeda Mustang, lol. Nothing wrong with a clone but don't try and pass it as real. Sad, but a lot of people would believe it is real. When I am asked about mine I usually educate them what to look for to tell the difference from the real Saleen and the Faleen. My 4lugs and drums are a dead give away real quick.