Yuk -- Water Spots!

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  1. The continuing saga of me trying to give my pony a decent wash ...

    Last weekend, I left water spots all over the car because I didn't dry it properly. This weekend, had new fluffy towels for drying and the car came out great -- but there are still water spots on the top and hood that won't wipe off. (I used a mild automotive detergent both weekends.)

    Any suggestions/products for getting these water spots out? Thanks!
  2. If you really want to get to the meat of the matter. Unless you have already done so, I would get a clay bar kit and take the old way off, this will remove not only water spots but any other paint contaminants as well. Then a nice polish and wax. After that, an occassional touch up is all that will be needed for several months.

    I use the Zaino line of products, they are expensive but good. Mothers and Maguires both have clay kits in most of the larger automotive parts stores.
  3. I wash with good detergent and dry in the shade with The Absorber. Followup n the hood with detail spray. If a spot is stubborn, use a clay bar.
  4. The best thing I ever did for water spots:

    I use a small pressure washer I bought at Wal Mart (we haves suck ass water pressure). I added an RV water filter to the input side of the washer. This made all the difference in the world. I now don't even have to dry the cars to get them spot-free.
  5. The Mr. Clean Spotless car wash works pretty good. You can get the system at just about any Pepboys/Advance/Autozone/Walmart.
    Works pretty good, the main thing, it has a filter, like Infinity said. Cleans out all the minerals and stuff that cause water spots. I tried it, and it works.
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  6. Thanks for all the tips, guys! Looks like I'll need to clay bar the car, or take it to a detailer. (Never clay barred a car before, not sure if I want to practice on my new pony.)

    Something I noticed this morning -- the spots aren't at all visible outdoors, just in my garage under flourescent lights. Well, I know they're there, anyway ...
  7. You cannot hurt the finsh with a clay bar. But if you drop it on the ground, throw it away. Just kneed the bar occassionaly and keep the surface lubricated. Just remember that after claying the car, you need to put a good polish / wax over top.
  8. Thanks for the tip, nbk13nw. Maybe I'll give it a try, then!
  9. One more thing... If you happen to have a leaf blower... use it on the car. It will remove most of the water from the nooks and cranny's and even the grill. It makes srying just that much easier. As a matter of fact, I dried my entire car off and never touched it with a towel on Monday!
  10. I recently tried the Zaino suite of products and would highly recommend them. Just finished today by applying the Zaino tire dressing to the tires and exterior black trim... really makes the trim pop! I attached a couple pics in case you want to see the Zaino results (it's only a couple coats so it's not a very deep shine). Autopia.org is a very helpful auto detail forum loaded with tons of info on everything related to detailing. That site gave me the courage to do my first claying ever on my Mustang.

    One tip that may help reduce water spots is after washing take the sprayer off the end of the hose and just let the water flow from the hose over the car. Most of the water sheets off making drying much quicker and reducing spotting... good luck!

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  11. Looks great, SillyStanger!

  12. The new clay mitts etc work great and you don't have to throw them away if you drop them just rinse and good to go. Also, much faster than traditional clay!