Yukon Rearend Gears

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of Yukon gears. I have a deal on some and was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of them or no the history of them?
  2. I have them in a Camaro and they seem fine, but have been told many times over there junk in the 8.8 Stang cuts...
  3. I have used them many times in stangs. Once upon a time they were just ford gears in yukon boxes. Those were the days. The ones you get now are generally like any other non-ford gearset in that the pinion depth is always going to be off (unlike the ford gears which if you use the same shim are fine more often than not) and they are going to take more time on the install.
  4. I know alot of offroad guys use them and they work well.
  5. I have seen them in off-road oriented trucks as well. I have also seen motive gears used in off-road trucks. However, the minute they go into a muscle car, there seems to be increased rates of failure. I have seen many sets of motive gears blow up in stangs. The only person I know that has used Yukon gears had a set blow up in his IROC when he was on the highway. Though, I don't know how well they were set up. I would recommend only buying FRPP, Pro5.0, or Richmond gears, even if they cost a bit more. It will be worth it in the end.
  6. yea no kidding, my motives whine like a red headed step child right before he gets his beating. thats what I get for tryin to save a buck :nonono: frpp's are goin in soon :D
  7. Ford found that making gears to closer tolerances was a cost saving measure since all the gears could be installed without setting up each rearend. So Ford gears are very good and installers have far less trouble putting them in. Since Ford gears cost about the same to buy, gear selection should not be an issue. Take your car to Total Performance or someone who will install what you bring. You might go to the Pacific Raceway site. There should be a sponsor who installs gears.
  8. My experiance is that your average 4x4 guy also tend to be better at rearend work than your average muscle car guy (they do it a lot more). Not that rear end work is difficult, its just a little tricky if your a noobie
  9. Its the house brand at Randys Ring and Pinion. I have them and they work fine. No noise or racket. Went in easy..A little more money but the opinion is that they're a bit better quality than others.
  10. Ive got Yukon 3:73 gears in my 2003 Saleen