Yup Another MAF Question?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Foster9887GT, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. I was looking at a C&L 73MM maf and a bigger TB? What gains will i recieve from this? What size TB should i get? My car is stock. Later i plan on getting a top end kit!!!
  2. You probably really won't make any real gains that you can feel by changing this part right now. The improvements will be seen when you start making other changes to the engine that cause it to draw in more air. With just a stock engine and a new MAF and TB you could probably gain 5-20 hp. I would probably go with a 65mm TB for a stock engine if you really want to replace it now. I would probably save the money and wait until you get a top end kit though.
  3. I would avoid the C&L meters at all costs. They are cheaper to buy...but they are a lesser quality meter. Their calibration method uses a sampling tube instead of a wire element like the stocker and Pro-m/Pmass. The calibration is ofter inaccurate and unreliable...with much higher deviation.

    In terms of gains on a stock car, i would say a 65mm TB might be worth your money, if you can get a good deal on one...but a MAF at this time just isnt worth the headaches. Wait till you do a top end kit then get a nice Pro-m/Pmass meter calibrated to 24# injectors and toss some 24's in there and be done with it.
  4. +1 on the c&l junk
  5. Thanks for the replies....If i were to get a 65mm TB right now......Would i need a bigger one after going with the Trick Flow Top End KIt? Also....Should i look for a TB with An EGR Spacer?
  6. Looks like a 70mm TB would be best used with the TFlow Top end kit, So with that said...If i got tha TFlow Intake(SHeat) & 70mm Tb now, would that be a good move until all the other parts of the kit could be gotten?
  7. It would be fine to do that. You won't really feel the all of the true gains of the intake and throttlebody until you start making more mods to the engine but you should notice a difference. What is your plan for the engine in the long run? How much power are you looking to make?
  8. If you still have the stock intake there are zero gains to be had with a larger TB and it could quite possibly cost you power. The stock TB is sized for the stock intake and unless you port the intake out to fit the bigger TB you will be creating a huge flow disruption with the bigger TB.

    Wait until you pick out and install your new intake before changing the TB.
  9. +1 This does make sense. I as well am wanting to do something with the intake area. I was thinking of a bigger intake, but to me it made no sense with the stock TBI.
    So I see that unless we are ready to dump around a grand then it really better to just buy the items when you can and install them @ once to see/feel the biggest improvement.
  10. You can get a mass air from a 94-95 and they are 70mm. Pick one up at a junkyard for cheap then buy a flange adapter... That will help some flow and it is still calibrated for your 19#ers.