Yup, another question from me

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Cobain03, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. is it possible to fllip the pitman arm upside down to gain clearance?
  2. Did we ever find out if the pit-man arm was keyed? If it is keyed, then you can't.
  3. You can not flip it, the other end has a tapered hole.
  4. unless someone can tell me a miracalus fix, the headers are being taken off.
  5. You can not flip it, however, did you try to move the engine over as someone suggested earlier? I had to lift and slide mine couple of times in my 65 before I was happy it was centered properly. The through holes for the large bolts coming from the bottom of the engine mounts are very oversized and offer a lot of movement. Also, was your car originally a six-banger that someone shoehorned a V8 in with "custom" mounts? Hope you solve your problem.
  6. well we had to shift the motor a bit just to get the headers in...so moving it again would cause the headers to hit the inside wheel wells so i dont think that would be possible..and my car was a v8 car to begin with
  7. did some research and i think my pitman arm is right and don't think i can turn it over it will hit the fram rail i don't know time to pull them off i guess,, i wish i knew someone that had tri-headers on and no dent lol
  8. This is just a thought, but did you loosen the steering box and see if it will move a bit?
  9. Did you ever find out how much it was hitting?
  10. too much.. say your backed into a parking space at a store and there is a row of cars in front of you. you cant go out and turn left. learned that 2 rights make a left lol
  11. Are your headers still on? Can you take a picture?