YUP another ricer had his ass handed to him

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  1. So I am driving my wife's 2000 Pontiac Grand Am(2.4L dohc), from my home in Charlotte NC to Florence SC, to work on some equipment at a customer site. Several miles out side of Darlington SC I encounter an Acura rsx-s turning onto 151 in the same direction as me. I only notice the car because it's lowered, tinted, and has the BLING wheels. I drive by only to have the ricer do a fly-by. No big deal, probably just getting up to speed, right? Well we come to a stop light and I am the first off the light, me being a gear head/drag racer, my reaction time being above average but not trying to race. Well said ricer kicks in the v-tec and after a couple of seconds finally manages to make up the car length and pass. EH, no biggie I am working and this is not the stang. Next we reach some train tracks and again I am the first off, of course v-tec BLLLAAAAAA and manages to pass. By now I am annoyed and ready to hand this jerk-off his ass, well the chance presented itself, red light. Light goes green, I Stabbed the throttle, got a 1 1/2 tire revolution burn out and jumped the Acura by two car lengths. I stayed on the throttle til about 80 and let off after seeing the 4 plus car lengths I had on the ricer.

    CHALK one up for the PONY-ac :owned: :nice:
  2. LOL @ "PONY-ac""
  3. i spank them all the time in my girls 05 V6 Malibu. I think it would take a stock NPI auto....lol
  4. roflcopterwtfomgbbq

  5. lawl roofles
  6. nice:nice:

    yeah them damn NPI cars give our mustangs a bad name...oh wait I drive one:(
  7. yeah those NPI's suck:D damn things are impossible to hit 13s.....ill just go for 12s
  8. Oh boy a ricer vs a grand am...

    Both cars suck :shrug:

    If I had seen you two racing I would have flipped you both off :rlaugh:
  9. :D

    you also forgot

    thou shalt not mod teh stang
  10. Nothing wrong with tasteful mods :flag:
  11. never saying they couldnt If i wanted to spend like 1500 more i would be in the 12s with a 400RWHP npi gt but I may sell my car.

    i was kidding around saying auto NPI mustangs stock are slow...we all know that

    w/drs i can hit 13 N/A with no spray but i like the looks of 99-04s better so i think i might buy one up.
  12. closed. no street racing threads allowed. even in daily drivers. :D
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