yup i broke it again i hate this car

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  1. ok my newest issue with my 89 5.0l coupe with t-5 is a new noise and vibration.ok the main problem is this car is too fun to drive. ok so i was messing with a civic on my way to my shop on sunday.i go to leave my shop for home and its now making noise from somewhere underneith only when the car is actually rollin is sounds like a piece of wire wraped arround the driveshaft hitting the undercarrage and a slight vibration but i rolled under and i see nothing any suggests?
  2. just an idea, jack up the rear, put blocks in front of the front tires, have someone eles let it run in first so you can see, sounds like the tranny is knockin
  3. yea what he said or quit playin with civics.
  4. ok will do i hope its not the trans
  5. this is the same problem im having its making some weird noise. I cant figure it out.
  6. if im going to rebuild the trany what am i going to need?
  7. I would replace it with something stronger than another T5 if I were you!
  8. mine was doing the same thing...it is the u joints on the driveshaft
  9. Sounds like driveshaft U joints.. If you get up to speed and shift to N is the noise present? Depress the clutch.. is the noise present now?

    Last tid bit.. have you had the rear wheels off lately?

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  11. yes the noise is still there if i put the car in neutral and depress the clutch
  12. The T5 transmissions are notoriously weak when abused. By abused I mean street racing. I went through three rebuilt T5's in one of my older Mustangs over a 4-years period. A new one would have lasted a probably twice as long as a rebuilt, so the cost is about the same over time.

    If you really want to forget having more tranny problems down the road, contact D&D Performance. http://www.ddperformance.com

    Look into the T56 Viper/Ford setup 6-speed manual. These are very strong, but expensive. They have other less-expensive options, just pick what fits your budget.
  13. At that point in time, you have eliminated the driveshaft, U joints, transmission & input shaft. Look for a bad throwout bearing or clutch adjusting mechansim. The throwout bearing as less than $35 in parts, but about 4-6 hours worth of labor to pull the trans & replace the bearing.

    Also closely inspect the clutch cable & quadrant. Plan on repacing it if you still have the stock cable and plastic quadrant. It generally works best if you get cable, quadrant and opitional firewall adjuster from the same manufacturer. That way, you know they all work together.
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  15. it should only take 4-6hrs if you have never done it b4....i can pull my trans in less than 30 minutes
  16. ok it only makes it when car is rolling but if i put car in neutral and depress the chlutch if the car is rolling,it doesnt make the noise if the car isnt moving.im putting a t5 in it this weekend due to the fact that that the tranny whines anyway and im putting a new rear in the car so im just gonna replace the driveshaft
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