Yup i got rims!!!

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  1. Just washed the car and put the new wheels on.
    18x9 and 18x10 DeepDish Black Bullet wheels with a +45 Offest. I wish i got a different offset in the rear so they filled out to the fenders better. Oh well they looks sweet.

  2. looks good man :nice: what tires/sizes did you go with?
  3. I have Dunlop SP9000 245/40/18 in the front and 275/35/18 in the rear. I think i want to larger in the rear but with that offest im pretty close to my exhaust now. Dont get me wrong the 275 is a wide tire but i have my heart set on 315s. Haha
  4. dang man.. that looks sweet! I love those friggin wheels :drool:
  5. and to think everyone always told me it couldnt be done, deepdish all around ppff..anyways, looks killa!!
  6. Your ride looks effing sick! :nice:
  7. Looks sick, deepdish all around is definatly unique.
  8. Very cool car! Nice wheels too :)
  9. Wait, do the front rims have a smaller deep dish lip/diff. offset than the rears or you just got the same DD all around?
  10. Looks like mine. Only thing wrong is you should've got wider tires. 245 is stretching it a bit on the front, and most likely leaves the lip of the rim exposed.

    I went with 265/295 and they're almost perfectly square with the rim lip.
  11. 315/35/18?
    must be nice to be able to shell out $350/tire
  12. thats about the going price for any wide 18" tire. my 295's were 300 each
  13. you can get 295s for less than that, just depends what brand you have to have.
  14. and 295s are 2 sizes smaller than 315s :eek:
  15. I didnt pay for the tires. I actually got them from my used tire bin at work. But the unique part is that they are all brand new. Perks for working at Benz. So i cant be picky with the sizes, i just got what was available. And the Lip is the same all around. I didnt think i liked it but its def growing on me. I just got some 5/16 spacers for the rear so maybe that will work out to push them out a bit. Ill get some more pics up asap. Thanks for the love
  16. TIGHT!!!!! Im thinkin about new rims now!!

    Are those stripes painted on?

    Hey what do you guys know about Kumho or nexen tires? I see them on ebay real cheap for a set to fit the 17's
  17. Looks great. Saw it at the movie theater tonight parked next to a Cobra. :nice:

  18. No no get it right.... the cobra was parked next to me... lol Thats my buddies car... we had to go see the super fast and furious movie.
  19. Stripes are a gloss black decal. Not too sure on the tires tho. From what i hear the cheaper tires tend to not preform as well as the others and dont last too long, but hey they are highperformance tires... they arent made to last long. If your looking for an inexpensive tire check out the Nitto 555r... they are grippy and are pretty decent.
  20. deep dish all around is the new hotness, ive always wanted deepdish bullets all around on my 97 but i hear it cant be done. looks killer man!