Yup, im finally doing it

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  1. So i finally graduated college and got a job so im going to be doing my first and hopefully last bit of serious modding on this car.

    Im having Patrick over at PSI motorsports in Houston build me a new motor. Forged shortblock with stage 3 ported heads, custom grind blower cams and topping it off with a s/c . Along with this im going to knock out all the boltons on the way, lt headers, tb, maf....Not sure on what s/c yet but i will keep you guys informed on the project and dyno numters.

    According to patrick i will have around 270rwhp without the blower, once i go forced induction he said 500rwhp (my goal) should be easily attainable

  2. Not sure of the power differences between N/A and blower cams on an N/A car, but 270rwhp on a built motor with full bolt-ons sounds pretty low. But, then again once you get the blower, that doesnt really matter.

    A stage III port job sounds like too much for a street car. If you decide on a KB though I think that should offset the torque loss just fine.
  3. Congrats! I want a forged shortblock now:( 500 rwhp should be easy.
  4. I have stage three ported heads.....my car is perfectly streetable at 576 horse.
  5. yea i talked to patrick, the numbers n/a will be low because of the blower cams, with a blower the numbers will be much higher like around 500 or so, im leaning towards a kb but i dont want to spend 6k on it so we'll see how it all works out
  6. oh i forgot im getting my wheels re powdercoated black and im getting the steeda cowl hood that has the louvers...
  7. but why :shrug: You have another ride to drive as well?