yup...stalker bit the dust

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  1. yea...2 weeks 1 day after getting my license I was coming around a turn going 35mph (speed limit there) but it was raining and it did all day so the roads were really wet. I downshifted from 3rd to 2nd not even thinking. Hit a pole and spun around. Front bumper, hood, both fenders. metal braces that the fenders bolt to, radiator, battery, power steering fluid thinger, some more...DONE. Sellin wheels end of this month, Going full Saleen or Roush Stage 3 kit with Saleen wheels.
  2. What a blessing in disguise! Now the insurance company is going to pay for you to get that crap off your car! Please do better job this time round!!

    Really sorry you had a crash though. Roush or Saleen look great (I like the Roush better - the Saleen is a tiny bit too much)
  3. ... how old are u?? if you are just getting your license i assume your parents are paying formost of this huh... if thats the case im sure it will probably happen again in some way or another.
  4. Wow, sorry to hear about the crash, but I'm happy you're okay.
  5. awww man, you became the sterotypical reason why I dont think parents should get a rwd v8 car for their kids first car.:nono:

    I'm sorry you wrecked, but that stalker kit and those wheels looked like ass anyways
  6. sorry to hear about the crash just try to be more careful next time, i nearly wrecked the other day also, and i know it isnt fun
  7. Thats Mustang god telling you something.
    I say get Roush or Saleen, gain some respect you so lacks:nice:
  8. maybe you should buy a truck or something slower until you learn how to drive.
  9. that thing wasnt deemed totalled by the insurance company? ur lucky

    be careful next time :)
  10. 3rd to 2nd and you lost control only doing 35??? interesting.....

    sorry to hear that though and you lucky gettin some new **** through insurance haha....

    +1 on Saleen wheels...or... Cobra R's!!

  11. +1
  12. yeah how old r u?
  13. Driving well takes experience like all things in life.
  14. um... 2 weeks after getting your license... shifting into wrong gear... v8 mustang as first car... no comment. You should save the car in whatever shape they give it back to you and get a 1985 corolla or something with a 5 speed to learn on... for your own good. Then after a year sell it and get behind the wheel of the mustang again. You'll thank me.

    I'm very supprised they didnt' total it off from the damage they saw and what they should expect to see when they pull it all apart. But I'm glad to hear you aren't dead.
  15. Actually it is pretty f'n easy for the rear to fly out... Especially in the rain or loose gravel.

    It can happen in a split second.
  16. I dont know about your car but shifting into 2nd at 35mph isn't good for me.

    I LOVE the look of Saleen, but if you go for that, be prepared to make frequent visits to your bodyshop to have them fix your Saleen kit that is either warping, falling off, or a combination of the two.

    Roush seems to be good quality. I really havent heard of any complaints about their stuff, so you may be happier choosing that.
  17. Age has nothing to do with it. I had my mustang at 16 (yes, I payed for it).

    .................being an effing retard has all in the world to do with it though ;) Good job Ray!
  18. Right... If you want a Saleen kit your probably better off with a rip off! Saleen body parts are well known for being TERRIBLE.
  20. Thank you! why is everyone being so cynical? Who here if offered a stang at an early age would be like..uhm no im not responsible enough? I bought mine at 16 w/ cash id saved for 6 years, only thing iv hit is the curb twice while parking in almost 4 years. My best friend had a 95 civic for 3 years after he got is lisence and just bought an SS comaro and stacked it into a parking lot light pole.....it involves being smart and being able to control your adrenaline