yup...stalker bit the dust

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  1. yeah, really easy if you're a f'king maroon:nice:
  2. Sucks Ray. I know the feeling. :( Good luck with the new parts. Don't **** ur car this time...
  3. :lol: :rlaugh:

  4. couldn't have said it better :owned:
  5. lol you aint selling them wheels.
  6. Sorry to hear about your wreck man, it'll happen to all of us sooner or later :nice:

    I'd go with the Roush kit. Saleen is too gawdy and quality is crap from everything i've seen and heard.
  7. my parents made me drive the truck for a year before i got the stang. well actually i wanted the truck cuz a lot of my friends were into mudding. 1 year and $4500 in lift and tires and i only went mudding like 5 times. waste. so i got something i could enjoy every single time i drive somewhere. talkin them into the snake was a task.
  8. Heh, my first car was a Datsun B510 station wagon. Probably had only 50HP or so haha.

    Damn good beach car though, and the rear seats folded down FLAT too :nice: Didn't even have to lock it at the beach.
  9. actually ray, i shouldn't be azz about it.
    Getting in acccident sucks.
    I', dealing with car repaired and getting screwed and stuff. Trust me i know. So hope everything workes out for u.
    Keep us posted
  10. horray for crappy first cars :nice: I had a 1990 Chevy Celebrity wagon for the first couple years I had my license. Man that thing was fun to beat on. I drove it for 6 months with a faulty radiator and never overheated once, even with the temp light on! haha what a tank

    Anyway Ray, I'd say keep the casinos and find a widebody kit with some lambo doors... you really want to do it right this time around :lol:
  11. sellin the wheels to a friend for his WRX. looks like im goin roush then. with saleen wheels? would that look right? 18x9/18x10...
    and yea I only had liability. not turning it in. dont have to. fixing it out of my money.
  12. but what hood should I get? and it says the Roush side exhaust is needed with the roush kit...but i wanted magnapacks. what should I do about that? any suggestions?
  13. That would look really nice.:nice:

    Cant believe you found someone to buy those rims. Does his WRX have stickers on it by any chance?

    I think its time you admitted that you "crashed" the car on purpose to dispose of the foul body kit you had installed. Its all just that little bit too convenient...:D
  14. thats gonna cost you a pretty penny. like 5-6k im thinking. maybe more.
  15. Ok theres the body parts you should get... 03/04 cobra hood...03/04 cobra rear spoiler...03/04 cobra front bumper (or roush)...stock GT side skirts...stock GT side scoops...ta'da ;)
  16. For what? to get Roush kit and Saleen rims?
  17. Yep...spun my car on a wet spot and I'm 40 years old. Didn't hit anything but jumped a curb. Still have the yellow paint from the curb marking on the stock cats. I've been driving since most of you were poo pooin yella. Can happen to anyone. Just have to be careful...
  18. Alright I will admit it... When I first got my Mustang, I was pulling out onto a two lane highway and the car did at least a 180 before I could even react. I did not hit anything just went for a real wild ride. Sometimes your Mustang will take you for a wild ride. I was 38 when it happened and have had much experience driving rear wheel drive.

    I have to agree with COramprat, you just have to know when to be very careful. Even if it means letting punk ass biotches in geos and shiot pass you by while you put along in the slow lane :(
  19. I have nothing to say except you definately weren't doing 35mph.

    First of all downshifting and not applying throttle isn't going to put you into a spin that badly. Clearly you were trying to drift around a curve (im just kidding kind of, i just had to throw in a FF3 comment).

    I t-boned a maxima doing between 60-75km/h (about 46mph) and there was zero damage to the radiator, or anything other than the bumper and exterior damage to bumper cover, hood, and fender, and door (someone decided to open the passenger door while the fender was over top of it)

    Anywho im just saying we're all mustang enthusiasts we all drive like fools, might as well not lie about it.

    I'll admit my most recent retardism. I was doing 107mph merging on to a 60mph road on one of the last days i had my stang out and ended up having to do a near-death lane change about half a car length in front of a semi (ran out of lane... most cars manage to make it up to 50mph in the merge lanes, my truck for instance gets to 65mph if i floor it).

    Oh and did i mention the Maxima i t-boned was parked and i hit it because i was full throttle and got kicked sideways into second... Oh and did i also add that my car doesn't shift into second until about 52mph. (its hard to look at your spedometer when in floored situations)

    And in my first mustang(stick) merging onto the highway i shifted and kicked it sideways, nearly saved it and ended up doing a 180 facing traffic coming at me at 100km/h, luckily the stang flooded and wouldn't start(carb'd)... but then i eventually got her to go and got the hell out of there.