yup...stalker bit the dust

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  1. kilgore isnt perfect? wow! jk kil lol
  2. Yes it can, I have done 2 360s from downshifting on a wet road that had been treated with magchloride.... I was doing 40 but close enough. Just cause the kids has a bad taste of style doesn't mean hes nessecarily lying about his speed... though I too suspect that he was going a tad faster, however the incident is very plausible.
  3. Here's an idea, save your money for college!!

    I had an 85 4cy mustang for my first car. couldn't get out of its own way but never did a 360 or a 180 for that matter:D .

    Seriously, I dont want to hate but why get a Saleen or Roush body kit if its a stock (or modified) GT.
  4. because they make our car look better?:shrug:
  5. I think you're missing the point. Isn't there an aftermarket kit that isn't used by a Mustang builder.

    The only phrase I can make up to help here is "It looks like a duck, almoast sounds like a duck but sure as hell can't walk like a duck"

    I like the way the kits look, don't get me wrong.
  6. I have to agree... Saving your money would be the best course of action. Life has a lot of shiotty situations in store for you, many of which will require money...
  7. im defineately not saving it its getting fixed. im thinking stage 3 roush kit and an 03-04 cobra hood and saleen wheels? hows that sound? oh and yea I was only going 35 honestly.
  8. I sure hope not!

    All i've hit are bugs with my car.

    Good luck with the whole process and good to know it wasn't worse.

    Good job getting rid of the wheels :D
  9. wheels are sold for sure. $1250 for the wheels and tires, stock ones are back on already. I'm just not sure about the rear bumper with the roush kit, I think you have to have your stock bumper on then put the roush things over it...i can do that I still have my stock one...and with the side exhaust...i want magnapacks, not the roush exhaust...so I wonder if i can buy the side exhaust somewhere and get like just the magnapack mufflers and weld em in?
  10. Please introduce me to the guy who bought them. I have a turd I want to sell him for $500.
  11. seriously. Im calling bull****
  12. Ok so when you say 35mph:bs: you mean 45...and when you say you down shifted not realizing what you were doing:bs: you mean you were trying to swing the rear end around and you lost control...its ok man be a man and admit your stupidity. When i was sixteen i had a 89 tb supercoupe and thought i was bad ass i saw the hot girl down the street running so i started fish tailing down the dirts raod to my house trying to impreses the girl i ended up puting it into the ditch instead and feeling like a tard. Happens to all of us but it was also a blessing in disgise my dad payed the down payment for a mustang gt a couple months later. By the way go saleen
  13. remember that thread it was like help mustang ray donate money so he can buy a new body kit or somethign haha
  14. seriously im sellin em for 1250. hes dumb and makes money at his job...so im sellin em to him lol. and actually i was goin 35 i swear i was and i know not to try and fishtail from past experiences...lol. there was a honda civic behind me and when i wrecked he had a sideways hat and is like...man are u ok that was a nice car...and after ppl were there hes like...what do u think of my car? and i said mines still nicer and he left LMFAO. um, yea im goin roush i think for sure but the back bumper things are dumb...its not a back bumper just 2 things on the sides and it looks like a huge gap in the back...i dunno about that...
  15. could anyone that has good pics post pics of stage 3 roush kits or any roush body part (Stage 3) on their or someone elses car
  16. guess nobody has pics haha
  17. there is a thread on top with full of pics ray. look it up
  18. did you keep all the stock body parts? I would put her back to stock, get more than liability. Put on the exhaust you want and run her for a year to get used to her.
  19. We'll end up losing Ray if he modifies his car :(
  20. true. but if he keeps wacking his car at 35mph, he'll have decent chance limping out from it:nonono:

    I have nothing against 15 or 15 year old getting Mustang.
    Because some people can be mature about it.
    But he clearly shown solid proof that this is not really case with him.

    If I was his parents, i would make him sell the GT, and Saturn. use some of the money to put straight 6 back in his AMC, so that he has something with 100hp to drive,
    and give his money back to him when he is looking for way to pay for college when he is 18... but thats just me

    I feel sorry for my kids that i don't have... My kid gonna have croppy teenage years. everyone else drive nice car, and my kid prolly rockin my current Geo 20 years from now.. if his lucky:rlaugh: