yup...stalker bit the dust

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  1. I'm not going to college so why save for it? And even if I would decide to my grandparents would pay for it. I just want pics of the roush kits and I know that thread on top has pics but I have SLOW ASS dial up and all those pics would take forever to load.
  2. mity i disagree it dont matter the v6 or v8 some people are just going to go fast it dont matter what they have lol
  3. talkin about 100 horsepower....well my Saturns a 1994 SC2 with 112,000 miles with a 1.9L...lmao
  4. Guess your right.

    I did, however, had 89 Tercel once. that thing - although, ran good, will not go over 75mph no matter what i do
    but if you go 75mph in 15mph school zone, thats just as speeding as 100mph in 45...
  5. www.fnsweet.com

    Read and learn.
  6. i dont mind kids who's parents buy them everything, whatever, its not my concern. But it still pisses me off lol.

    I couldn't play sports when i was younger because my parents couldn't afford it, they bought me 5 dollar used skates because its all they could afford. My dad's vehicle up until 95 was an 86 cutlass, my mom's a 1984 escort (which she had until 1998). Then my dad got promoted from mechanic to shop manager, then 6 months later promoted to district salesman. He's now the top grossing salesman at his company (Company is Canada-wide and ranges into some of the northern states). So now he drives a 2006 GMC Sierra Z71 (buys a new vehicle every year or every other year now) and my mom drives his old 2003 explorer. My little sister is going to France for a couple weeks just for the hell of it and she's been invited to try out for the national ringette team twice in the last 2 years, in other words she's been able to play every sport shes wanted. They can pay for me to go to college now so you better ****ing believe im going to go. I had a taste of poverty and im never going near that again. Probably why im going to law school to become a lawyer.

    I bought my car myself, i refused to let my parents pay for it, although they offered to pay half. I've also asked that next year i start taking on the tuition fee's myself. You might think im retarded but thats fine, i just feel like its their money and they worked hard to earn it. They survived from paycheque to paycheque raising me for a good 10 years, i can do it for 6 or 7. Im working 40 hours a week while taking a "full load" this semester and its pretty easy. You can't beat 380 dollars a week (after taxes) while attending university.

    So all i have to say to you mustangray is to do something with your life, some day mommy and daddy's money is going to run out. Im not saying that university/college is the only way to do something with your life, im just saying dont be one of those 1 day a week mechanics or a mcdonalds lifer.
  7. yup, i am in a similar situation with my life now(being 16) still have yet to let my parents spend a dollar on my car. i pay the payment every month, and the insurance. ya it takes me 20 hours of work a week to pay for it all but i get it done simply because if i didnt no1 else will.

    and man do i remember my first car when i was 15... 1987 pontiac TA 305 automatic, 168k miles on it. it was wrecked when i bought it, did the body work on it and ended up blowing the transmission 1 month later

    teenagers like mustangray make the rest of us look bad...
  8. I've got an '03 Cobra spoiler you can buy Ray :D
  9. screw ray......that spoiler is mine....How much sucka
  10. I'd lmao if Ray ends up with an 03/04 Cobra.
  11. ray ill sell you my bullitt spoiler for $50
  12. no im going full roush kit and an 03/04 cobra hood or my old stock hood. for sure.
  13. you should just get a civic and put a body kit on it ..... you'll be better off .... or at least a exhaust on the mustang, honestly.....
    body kits kill me, i think most of them are the funniest looking things in the world, esp. if you have nothing to back it up with...?...
  14. i love the look of roush kits and im way more into the look/sound of a car than how fast it can go...i shouldnt be as this thread proved. I'm getting MagnaPacks with the side exhaust done at the same time while its getting fixed.