Z bar mod. Track car stuff..........

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Opentracker, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Just so you know, I went down and got some non-blobby looking stuff from the store today. We were out drinking the other night and picked up some blobby looking stuff instead of the non-blobby looking stuff by mistake. Now I have to go back and replace all the blobby looking stuff with non-blobby looking stuff. What a pain in the ass, so don't drink and drive!

  2. I'm just curious why everyone doesn't just run a cable clutch? Is there some kind of restriction on this type of mod in the class you race in? Once installed it is easier to adjust and easier to push......and in the remote chance you actually broke a cable you could change one out in a parking lot. I hate Z-bars altogether. I just built a complete custom setup for my care complete with removable aluminum quadrant and I could not be happier with the results. If I had to run a Z-bar I would be using an automatic.
  3. Hey John, I was just giving you grief about the welds. One request though, in the future when you make mods (and PLEASE post them) could you maybe take the pics before you paint them black? Kinda hard to see what I'm looking at, but it does look awesome.

    Ron, I thought he explained some of that earlier (or was that on the wide tire post). He showed some pics, pretty tight.

  4. Roller spring perch

  5. Oh, My......
  6. I told you I got some non-blobby looking mud dobber stuff. The blobby looking stuff is OK but it cost more.

  7. Im going to start the process of creating a z-bar that wont break.

    I noticed in yours with the triangle welded in, that mine broke above where your triangle ends. I guess a lot of people have their break at the base where it meets the tube?

    I'm thinking about buying 2 z-bar, and cut the bent section off of one and welded to the other, making 1 good strong one.

    Any better ideas? I'm supprised noone sells an aftermarket z-bar as this has been a consistent problem for the past 40 years.....
  8. John, your set up looks very close to mine. I used a "wrap around" gusset but that was overkill as the initial failure was at the track and cost me some laps. I use a "long" style clutch and it requires a strong "Z" bar.