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  1. Can anyone refresh my memory on Ford's A/Z plan? Is it still 4% less than invoice? I'm trying to figure out what a fairly basic '07 premium GT will cost. Thanks.
  2. Here's an example of an '06 if this helps.
    msrp $28795
    a/z $25650
    invoice $26731
  3. I thought the "A/Z" Plan was supposed to be a great deal. But it sounds lke others are getting less than A Plan pricing on some of their 'stangs.?:bs: My '06 GT Premium MSRP was $30,515.
    Invoice = $28,248
    A Plan = 27,116
  4. just bought one yesterday on z-plan with an auto, iup, anti theft, locking wheel lugs, etc for $25,667
  5. $3,000 off sticker sounds like a heck of a deal to me anyday of the week.
  6. edit...$24,667
  7. The A/Z plan are for Ford employees and partners only correct?
  8. Basically what I’m asking is how a simpleton like me gets on one of these plans. I currently own a 06 v6 and am looking to either buy a Stage 1 Roush or GT but don’t want to pay sticker. If I can find out how to get on the Z or another plan it seems pretty painless.
  9. Thunderstruck,
    I wouldn't count on a "specialty" car (e.g. Saleen, GT500, Cobra or Roush) to be bought under one of Ford's plans -- I just don't think the dealer would go for it. Too much money to be made on one of these cars. A GT should be no problem. Check with your employer -- many businesses fall under the Z plan.
  10. Thunder...

    My grandfather retired from Ford. That is how I got mine. The pin had to be put in with my SSN in order to work.
  11. X plan is for "friends" of Ford. I teach at a university. One of my student's father works at Ford. She got me a PIN number from him. That with my Social Security number got me the X plan price which is a little under invoice. There are many, many Ford employees out there and each is allowed to give out several PIN numbers each year.