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  1. Hey guys, new to this forum, I have an 88 gt conv with the zt5 and 355 gears, the question is that the zt5 has 7 tooth spedo gear, and my stock t5 had an 8 tooth spedo gear....does it make any difference when i go to buy the correct 20 tooth spedo cable gear???
  2. Im about to put a t5z in my car. The place where i had it rebuilt said that my spedo gear would work but who knows.
    The t5z was designed to be a direct bolt up HD trans. I don't know why ford would change something like the speedo gear.
    I was just told that 89s and below have 7 teeth and 90-95 have 8 teeth.
    7= 20 tooth cable gear with 355s
    8= 23 tooth cable gear with 355s
    T5Z =7 tooth
  3. If the T-5 that came out of your '88 had an 8-tooth drive gear, then it was not the original transmission.

    Up until '89, the t-5 had a 7-tooth drive gear
  4. Yeah unless you have the wierd late '89 T5 like I have, which has an 8T gear and is 300ft-lb capacity instead of 265
  5. Snikt some 89 to 93 came with what Ford called a service trans with a 300 ftlbs capacity they also had a diffrent 2nd and 3rd gear ratio 1.99 2nd 1.33 3rd the tage number on your trans should be 199 or above I have three of these trans and they work good
  6. 199 is a factory 90-93 T-5.

    You are right about the Service trans. It was actually installed in 85-89 Mustangs and had a 300 ft-lb rating and a unique 2nd and 3rd ratio.

    The trans buck code on these transmissions is 1352-52-204
  7. Since it's a "service trans" does that mean it was replaced under warranty or something?

    According to mustanggt.org:

    Part Number 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th R Torque Capacity

    5-speed T5 (1989)8
    E9ZR-7003-A 3.35 1.99 1.33 1.00 0.675 3.15 300

    8 - This gearbox was introduced as a running 1989 upgrade. It has an 8-tooth speedo drive gear.
  8. Excellent, thanks I thought the 88 had a stock 8 tooth gear, thanks for the info guys.
  9. If you take your speedo cable out of the trans and take a peek up inside, you should see a yellow worm gear. That would be the 7-tooth
  10. Thanks I'll put it up on the lift tommorow.
  11. Snikt it was just a name they gave it