z06 burn out.

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  1. Lol, that was nice. I had a highschool buddy that once did that in his V6 firebird.
  2. I loved how he didn't even know how to pop the hood.
  3. It sure is a to SHELL a motor!
  4. how in the hell can you sit in a car, revvin on it that hard, and not realize the damn tires arent even moving! what a F***IN IDIOT! you could tell by the way he was talkin at the beginning of the video he was an epic d-bag! :loser:
    take the "600" bucks you were gonna spend on tires, double it and buy yourself a new clutch.
  5. better yet give me that 600 bucks and i'll kick him in the head and we'll all be happy
  6. guys like him are the reason i hated vettes for so long, it took me renting one and driving it like it was stolen for me to erase the corvette image of some dumb old **** like that ******* on youtube.
  7. I did that once, just not anywhere near as bad. Did a mean brake stand, grabbed second gear, and the clutch was probably holding about 50% of the power. The tires were still spinning, but it definitely took some life out of my factory clutch. I replaced it a few months later and you should have seen how glazed the flywheel was...
  8. Don't want to think about how bad that must have smelt.
  9. how do you not notice? speedo's at zero, cars in gear, rpm's are on the limiter? something wrong here? nahhh i'll just keep going for another minute.
  10. How did no one stop him? All IDIOTS

    Even the guy with the camera was like, "right tire...no....left tire....no....hmm let me check the right tire again...." MORON!!
  11. Been with a friend who did it in a Focus. I told him during it the tires werent spinning. We even went back and looked for marks... nothing. He abused that car and cared very little about it though, so no worries.
  12. what a bunch of morons...thats why i hate vettes
  13. It's all good, I'm glad it spread to the other parts of the forum, everyone should see why d-bags shouldn't own nice things :D
  14. I love the way he cant find the hood release and he starts crying at the end :lol:

    never get tired of seeing that video
  15. *sniff sniff* you smell that? lol.