Z06 vs GT500 (rant)

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  1. You are so true...I saw an old guy in a new Z06 with a hot RUSSIAN MAIL ORDER BRIDE with huge IMPLANTS...I can't wait till I get old!!!! I'am trading in all three MUSTANGS....
  2. Forgive me for liking other cars besides Mustangs.
  3. It's crazy to even compare the Cobra to a ZO6. If the 1/4 mile is your only way of judging a car....buy a used LS1 fbody or 5.0 Mustang setup for drag....heck you could probably buy a new Cobalt SS for 20k and drop 7-8k in it and run faster than a stock Cobra.

    The ZO6 is a sports car that can run with exotics in both performance and looks. Does that make a 175k Ford GT an overpriced pig? No, it's still a nice car that appeals to certain people. The ZO6 posted the fastest time around Nuremberg for goodness sake! :)
  4. No it didn't, it's nowhere near the fastest time around the ring. :shrug:
  5. It posted the fastest time around the ring for a production car short of Porsche's Carrera GT.

    Nothing else was faster AFA a production car, if I remember correctly the Z06 was something like 7:43 around the 'ring (we're talking the 13 mile course that runs around the countryside here not the F1 track), and a Carrera GT has clocked a time of 7:33 around the 'ring.

    Here's a blurp about it from this linky:


    Read the bottom paragraph on the left side of the article, damn site wouldn't let me paste it here.

  6. I found this post on a Camaro MB I visit and it shows a chart of the fastest production cars that have lapped the 13mile 'ring, it's as current as I know so forgive me if there's a more updated chart:

    "if it gets around the ring in 7-8 minutes then its very good for a road going car on street tires.

    7:32 - Porsche Carrera GT (7:32.44)
    7:44 - Zonda
    7:46 - Porsche 996 GT2
    7:47 - Porsche Gt3 RS (sport tyres)
    7:50 - M3 CSL (sport tyres)
    7:52 - GT3 (381hp)
    7:52 - Lamborghini Gallardo
    7:52 - Lamborghini Murcielao
    7:52 - Mercedes SLR mclaren
    7:56 - Porsche 996 Turbo
    7:56 - 360 stradale (sport tyres)
    7:57 - Lotec Porsche 993 Turbo (600 HP, racing suspension)
    8:07 - Ferrari 550
    8:09 - Lamborghini Diablo SV
    8:09 - Ferrari 360 Modena
    8:10 - Chrysler Viper GTS
    8:11 - Porsche Cayman
    8:12 - Porsche 993 Turbo (430 HP version)
    8:15 - BMW Z8 400 HP
    8:17 - Porsche 996 C2
    8:18 - Ferrari F355
    8:22 - BMW M Coupe 321 HP
    8:25 - Audi RS4 375 HP
    8:28 - Porsche 993 C2
    8:28 - BMW M5 400 HP
    8:32 - Porsche Boxster S
    8:35 - BMW M3 Coupe 321 HP
    8:37 - Mercedes C32 AMG
    8:38 - Honda NSX
    8:39 - Honda S2000
    8:40 - Chevrolet Corvette
    8:42 - Audi S4 265 HP
    8:42 - Lotus Exige
    8:49 - Jaguar XKR Coupe
    8:52 - Mercedes CLK 430

    Porsche Carrera GT is 3,100 lbs with 600 hp @ 8,000 RPM
    Zonda C12S is 2,800 lbs with 555 hp
    Porsche 996 GT2 is 3,100 lbs with 477 hp
    Mclaren SLR is 3732 -3898 lbs with 617 hp"


    edit: the 8:40 time shown for the Corvette is the C5 regular version, not the Z06 previous or current version.

  7. Yes this info is correct..
    The list thats above must be outdated.
    The ZO6 was second fastest production vehicle of all time around the ring. Considering its price, thats damn impressive.
  8. I was thinking first...I read somewhere that it was tied with the Porsche for first. Either way, I bet the Porsche cost 300k+
  9. How come the " SALEEN S7 " is not on that LIST?????:bs:
  10. Maybe not 4 years, but the new Z06 has been planned for 3 years. It isn't something they cooked up 6 months ago and threw together. As far as four years, where do you figure. The thing was announced, what, less than a year ago for mid - late 06 production.
  11. mine says around $50k (vancouver, bc)
  12. A good buddy of mine is right at 35 years old. Last month he had parked in his garage a 02 z06 and a Saleen S351R (I almost bought the saleen). He was driving the wheels off them. He typically keeps a car between 3 months and one year. He's always looking for someone who needs cash, which he has, and then he scoops up a deal. Enjoys it and then flips it for a profit. Nice hobby and he makes a couple of bucks at it.

    Now he's looking for a viper gts. By the way he's a mustang guy like a mad man. He's owned more than 30 and has had some really fun mechanical combinations.

    I on the other hand am an old guy (45 years) who drives an 05 Mustang GT.