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  1. I was on vacation in cali this weekend (went to the nascar race) and my aunt's husband let me drive is 03 z06 with a vortec intake and borla exhaust. That car is fassssssssttt. I didn't like the interior and it didn't sound as good as the 04gt, but it was soo much faster.
  2. Should be in talk.. but considering that car has about 30-50 grand more into it than the 04 gt, of course its faster :D.. Think about it though, if you put that 40 grand into your mustang, it would be the fastest, best looking, coolest mustang in your entire city for sure! :nice:
  3. i looked for a diff place i must have missed "talk" sorry
  4. Z06 is a badass car for sure. I'd own one.
  5. Meh... Mods'll find it and move it. No prob.

    I agree about GM interiors. Cheap. Still, I'd drive it. :drool:
  6. i totally agree with WHITEDEVIL give me 40 more grand to put into my car and i will be smoken freaken f1 cars lol
  7. you're a rich bastard, go buy one ya lazy ass.:jester: or are you too busy with having Tim build you ANOTHER 600+rwhp car?
  8. LMAO, hes doin exactly what any true mustang guru would do :flag:
  9. Bah! :chair: Funny you mention another car being built though......... :D
  10. The Z06 is a badass car!

    And please never say the "Let me put X amount of cash to my car!" :nonono: