Z2/8 killing

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  1. Hey like everyone else that is fairly new to the mustang world we all know there is someone with a bigger and better car. And those peske chevys are so frustrating with there 350's. Well i was wondering if you guys could list mods that would help me blow the doors off some Z's. Where I live you hardly ever see an LS1 z2/8 most of them are LT1s so i want to be able to beat 94-97 z's any help would be much appreciated from you guys

    My Car
    95 vert

    (soon to come 3:73 gears)
  2. how about a supercharger:D
  3. When I had jst full exhaust , cai, and pulleys, I would beat a couple, but I think it was diver error because I lost to a lot of them. I've seen a couple dyno 240rwhp stock, w/just gt-40, full exhaust, dyno'd 245rwhp, 292 rwtq. Although, they are pretty quick, my friendw/cat back and off road y pipe on a 95 z28 6spd w/drag radials ran 13.7 @ 103.
  4. ah you dont need that much to hang or beat an LT1 F-bod, but on the other hand LS1 are a different story.

    They come so fast from the factory especially the 6 speeds. As an example my brother did some before and after dyno runs between mods. He has an 2001 camaro SS M6.

    Its dynoed 318rwhp/332rwtq totally stock down to the paper filter.

    Then dynoed 353rwhp/363rwtq with just long tubes, true dual X-pipe, and MTI Lid.

    Thats about 420 bhp on just about $1200 on mods:nice:

    Thats why I am currently looking for a 98 LS1 camaro A4 to be a track monster.:worship: LS1
  5. i got somthing that takes care of even the ls1's. unfortanatley not a mustang but a camaro. a good one though 1969 z28. its in the process of restoration but the engine will make and ls1 quiver. 13.1 compression solid lifters. its gonna be mean when its together. then i can get back to making that stang of mine quicker yet
  6. Nitrous :OT: wtf is this new website setup looks like crap cant stand it and what the **** i have to write atleast 10 characters to post ****ing bull****
  7. 1. Supercharger or nitrous

    2. Pulleys, exhaust, gears and good driving.

    Number 2 will help to hang with them...not kill them. You need some good $$ in that car to beat the LT-1's pretty good and hang with the LS-1's.

    A lot of guys here with H/C/I, MAM, TB and Number 2 above are around 290 RWHP.

    If you are a good driver and have suspension work done, you can KILL the LT-1's with 250-260 HP.

    FOR example, Killercanary is MID 12's now on motor :worship: , not just b/c of engine mods, but his suspension and driving.

    Good luck
  8. Heads, cam and intake should do the trick. My neighbor has the last year z28 SS and I smoke him.
  9. Gears, full exhaust, the usual bolt-ons, Intake, and you should be enough if you have a manual car. If not make sure the gears are 4.10s and get a stall convertor and a shift kit, and you shouldnt have any probelms. Of course if they are modded everything goes out the window. LT1s like mods as well, my buddy pulled [email protected] on his 94 6 speed Z28 with full exhaust and gears, so they can be pretty wicked with the basics as well.
  10. Well depending on how much money you can spend there are several ways to go about beating an LT-1 Camaro. First is cheap and fun = nirtous. The second is a heads/cam/intake combo. The third is a blower or turbo. You never noted if your car is an auto or manual so I am left to assume either possibility. Buy a shift kit for a auto and a short shifter for the manual. Upgrade the clutch and flywheel to light weight ones and for the auto upgrade the stall converter.
  11. All it takes is a 75 shot of Zex and 3.73s for an auto - Click here to see the movies

    For the 6 speeds all it took was the 100 shot, pullies and a 65mm TB.

    Now I'm on the 125.... only lose to the modded slomaros. Have yet to run one with the Cobra intake, 24lb.ers and M/A. ;)
  12. You said it right there you loose to the moded ones right.
    Well most of all the Ls1 you will race will likely be modded and that engine responds so well to even the slightest mod.

    Oh and a 75 shot of dry is not gonna cut it, sorry Ive been there done that.

    9 out of 10 races a LS1'd going to win and a Mustang gets :owned:
    Sorry to say that but thats the truth. I have seen my fair share of Ls1 taillights before I had my new engine set up.
  13. i want to own LT1's not ls1's but i would like to keep up with the ls1's
  14. get some sort of forced induction. To beat LT1's, since most are not stock, you'll have to be running in the mid to low 13's. to beat LS1's, you'll have to be breaking into the mid-high 12's, as they can run very low 13's bone stock...
  15. Thankfully, however, that seems relatively rare. I only run mid-13's, and still beat damn near every LS1 I come up against. It's all relative. :D

  16. Ok, just to make sure we're not getting down on our stangs right now... We're talking about a 94- 95 302 keeping up with a BRAND NEW 350. The fact that our cars can do ANYTHING with these guys is AWESOME!!!

    There is always gonna be newer technology too. For instance, the new Cobra would smoke those dumb LS1's, and keeps the vette scared! And now Ford's redoing the stang altogether!!! I think we're in for a great treat, although, i REALLY like the 302... so many mods, so little time...
  17. I have what I believe is a decent amount of Mods on my 95' GT.... but relative to my STOCK 99 T/A, man it's just freakin crazy! when I get in it... and gun it in my TransAm... it just pulls away like a monster! you will be pressed against the seat in every gear 1-5, .... and only in 6th gear does it loose somewhat of the pull.... the LS1 just hauls ass! I love my Stang about 100 times more then the TA, but anyone with a true appreciation for Speed... will give the LS1 it's dues!