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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by lovescamaros25, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. ahhhhhh yea. brings back some good memories 94-95 back when the ford mustang was no competition for the z28 whatsoever.why would you guys own a pre 99 gt,they just plain suck.sincerely,a lt1 camaro owner. :D
  2. no competetion? its sad that i can hang with my buddy's lt1 z28 with 50 more cubes and i am bone stock
  3. lets see 94- 95 gts run low 15s.stock lt1s run low 14s and sometimes break into the 13s.yep .no comp.
  4. where you listening to white lion and combing your mullett when you thought of this!
  5. actually im 25 nimrod.
  6. so it was vannilla ice and a high top fade,word to ya mutha!
  7. the truth hurts doesnt it,that the 4th gen camaro outperformed the 4th gen mustang every year until the camaro and f-bird was discontinued.
  8. At least there are still 94-95 mustangs on the street. The 94-95 years POS camaros already fell apart rotting away in the Junkyard.

    U troll
  9. i have a 94 z thank you.i actually see more 94-95 zs than i do 94-95 mustangs.most of the stangs you see are 99 and newer.
  10. wtf...... camaro's i thought this was a mustang forum. i call camaro's trailer park cars cause every trailer park has a couple on cinder blocks. i can hang with most camaros with similar mods and they're pushing more cubes, try comparing yer camaros to a mustang with a similar engine size like a 305, no comp mustang wins. w/e this is stupid.
  11. you just dont have a life do you.
  12. whats that stink owner.i mean stang owner.watch out for those early 4th gen stangs they dyno 100 some hp at the rear wheels .lol.ha ha ha.turds.
  13. Welcome, Troll! You will need something better than a mere LT1 if you want bragging rights.

  14. he's just salty cause its been ten years and he's still making payments on it!
  15. reply

    Camaros and Firebirds are just so damn ugly, they have no apealing body features what so ever.
  16. actually i think mustangs are ugly,especially the 05.yuck.im not stock,but almost.
  17. the alpine air freshener is not a mod!!
  18. maby the same year camaros are faster, but they were a hell of alot more money back in the day. anyways, what is this guy talking about....nobody bought those pos's thats why they dont make em anymore, who would want an ugly, expensive car that blows rear ends every lauch? noone. thats why they are not being made
  19. 94z tb air foil,k&n,hooker aero chamber muffler,zoom clutch set,m6.
  20. wow that's alot. Why did they stop making the camaros lovescamaros25?
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