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  1. theyre not being made,because it is proven that most mustang sells are v6 stangs ,and that 70% of all v6 mustang owners are women.women love stangs.men love camaros.by the way,ever look at the tsbs for a 4th gen stang .lol.long list.99 plus stangs leak oil at the head gasket for one.
  2. Wow that's great too bad you are in a V8 room. And that just show girls even know camaros suck. I think GM just knew the 03' Cobra was just going to beat the **** out of them too bad.
  3. well the '05 camaros are ugly...oh wait, they wont be making those anymore. whoops, my bad. must be the lack of sales do to the ol' mustang putting them in their grave. put a 305 against our 302 and itll be a haymaker in the crapmaro's face. dont disgrace the camaro you bastard. and by the way, those mods you have arent anything at all! im 18 and will walk your car like a dog all day and night. ill give you a lead that way you can win for a moment. get out of here man. and buy a corvette if you are getting a chevy...gay ass
  4. ya the 03 cobra will kill most camaros, sure some generations of camaros may have been faster, but most generations of mustangs were faster. like they say you may have won the battle but we won the war. the camaro didn't even go out with a bang.
  5. i seriously doubt you would beat me with your mods.it probably put you in the high 13s right where i am.the camaro.it will be back,by the way put a supercharger on an ls1 and see what happens to a 03 cobra.lol.lol.lol. bye bye cobra.
  6. Agreed completely. You camaro boys had to look to your older brother (the corvette) for help after you're pathetic 175 horsepower 305's couldn't hold out to the stang, and that caused your mullet-rod to boost the prices. Then, still as ugly as before, sales for you guys dropped because no man with a pony tail could work a good enough job to afford an F-body. The rest is history, I'd like to see your 350 take on a 95 Cobra R and it's beefy 351...nuff said, eat donkey poo....we win. Bye.
  7. change the stock pulley on the cobra, bye bye ls1. hahahah
  8. oh and by the way, i was running high 13s before the manifold, mass air, injectors, bigger tb. eat it son :owned:

    now go build yourself a dyno in your backyard :rlaugh:
  9. most camaros were faster other than the 80s.they never made a factory mustang that could take a l-72 427 camaro.wheter it be copo,yenko,dana,baldwin motion whatever.mustang just was faster in the 80s.the boss 429 wouldnt touch the l-72.by the way,who won the trans-am series races in 68 and 69 thats right mark donohue in the camaro.
  10. id like to see a cobra-r and a corvette-r .lol.no competition
  11. i hate to re-state the obvious but who cares what happened in 68.....which of the two cars are still rolling off the assembly line? You drink you're own pee, mullet man.

  12. cobra r 0-60 in 4.7 seconds 1/4 mile 13.2 at 110.not that impressive.
  13. so you are going back to the 60's now? i dont care whats faster in the 60s. face the fact:
    Mustang outsold the camaro due to price and looks.(ok, no fact to the looks part)
    Compare similarly priced camaro to a mustang, mustang owned.
    Ie: the last year of the camaro with ls1 against the 03 cobra. similarly priced, and camaro would drag ass. we used a s/c to make up for the cubes we choose not to use. the import guys do the same. to make up for the lost cubes, they go turbo...or the more moronic ones choose a s/c to make an astonishing 220 hp to the fly. :rolleyes:
  14. what numbers are those? car and driver? everyone knows the cobra r is an EASY 12 sec car. oh, and the vette-r is wayyyyy over priced than the cobra-r was. lets just compare your vette-r to a hennesy viper. dizone
  15. im not old enough to remember mullets there.bandwaggon jumping girly man.thats sad more women own mustangs than men,but more men own camaros than women.counting v-6 and v-8.stangs are so pretty.lol
  16. mmmmmmmmmulllllet.
  17. 2000 cobra r.its an american muscle cars book but the test was done by car and driver.
  18. its a shame that more rednecks own camaros than businessmen. and the v6 and v8 camaros are soo ugly too. just go back to your camaro forum...unless they ended those with the car itself :rlaugh:
  19. once again with the girls and stangs, like SuperDust22 said before even girls can tell camaros suck.
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