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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by lovescamaros25, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. Dude, can you tell me if you keep a pack of Marlboro Reds on your dashboard to keep people intimidated by those and you're stick on tattoo's? And how does your sister/wife feel about you spending all your money on mods instead of buying new lawn furniture for the kitchen in your trailer? Just wondering....

    mullet. eat poo. victorious again.
  2. cubic inch for cubic inch and dollar for dollar i will whoop your camero's ass all day long... Oh and i would like to see you put a supercharger on without touching your bottom end or doing other safety precautions... From my understanding there is just too high of compression to just throw a supercharger on a camero like you can a mustang and run more then 5-6 lbs of boost...

    Now i will admit this... You go big block on us and there really isn't much comparrison far as price.. Im gonna get flamed for this but :hail2: any motor over 500 cubic inches...
  3. just run your camaro against jesse's 418W. technically, they are kinda the same engine :D
  4. i seen a 347 mustang take a 454 late 80's camaro, the camaro had way more money in it than the mustang too
  5. your in another class ill give you that.i will also give the stang some credit for being a little more reliable,sounding better than the camaro,and for lasting as many years as it has.i also give credit to the 5.0 engines for being such great aftermarket machines,but it is so much fun coming on here and making people mad.still pushrod power all the way.p.s. camaro and mustang owners can agree on something ricers suck.
  6. Quote..."im not old enough to remember mullets there.bandwaggon jumping girly man.thats sad more women own mustangs than men,but more men own camaros than women.counting v-6 and v-8.stangs are so pretty.lol"...I suppose you conducted thorough research to make that statement right...I did not think so. The Cobra R 0-60 in 4.7 seconds with an easily capable 12 or 13 second quarter mile time slip not impressive...come on man now you are just kidding yourself.
  7. i really don't care for camaros at all, i think that they are ugly as hell, the ls1's are fast but i can take them, and the fox's dominated the 3rd gens. camaros just plain suck!
  8. I am glad we agree on Pushrod motors = Proven technology. I also hate those stupid completely stock hondas that run a muffler the size of a cantalope.
  9. huh???????????

    Why is anyone even bothering arguing with this little queer ass???????? He sucks obviously, and he's f-ucking lost too. Dude go take that ratty little sh-it box back to the trailer park canopy car cover where it belongs, park it and throw the keys in the woods. Hope that you never find those keys again. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Little ratty ass lt1 :owned: :notnice:
  10. yes.fart cans just annoy me.as far as the fox body stang dominating.i wouldnt say dominated.it may have been faster but it didnt blow the iroz-z away.
  11. ouch, even i got offended on that one :rlaugh:
  12. hey lovescamaros25, im acutally interested in seeing your car. not to be a dick, but i want to see why you felt the need to come in here and mess with us for no reason. apparently something about your car says "lets go F with the awesome stang guys"
  13. :rlaugh:

    Yea man lt1's suck, where you from troll?
  14. I have a stock for stock challenge for ya a 95 camaro SS VS 95 cobra R , good luck with your flames now buddy; thats the best you have against the best we have that year . ohh and by the way I have a 94 cobra and really love to see the faces of the mullett totin gun rack carryin rednecks that I can usually beat with cruise control. And see I dont even hate chevys I just hate arrogant bast**** that must make themselves feel better by going and trying to fight with others. Whats wrong mommy didnt breast feed you or daddy did for too long????
  15. lost how?if you think im lost because i give mustangs respect eventhough i dont like them,well some people can respect.do i respect 94-98 mustangs ?no they were slugs.i do however respect the 03 cobra and the 99+ stangs.still, in my opinion i like the camaros looks better and the engine/trans combo so thats why i bought a camaro instead of a rustang.
  16. the iroc-z is slow as balls! italain retart out cruising! my friend has a 89 iroc nad my friend raced him in his 89 gt and my friend with the GT handed him his ass on a silver platter, camaros just plain suck, just give it up man, and what car are they still making? Mustang, the original pony car. 40 years and still running strong.
  17. how could you not respect the 94-95s? they arent the slugs you think they are. i have put many a camaro to sleep on a daily basis. granted, not the newer versions with the ls1s. i respect the newer camaros bc the older ones are slugs. like the last 2 years of the camaro are the only ones worth looking at
  18. sorry,but there was not an 95 ss.it came out in 96.what does mustang have to compete with an 02 600 hp zl1 camaro/69 made?im from ohio. no pic of my car on the net.
  19. pre 99 gts are low 15 second cars stock,thats why they are slugs compared to a low 14 high 13 lt1 camaro like mine.who cares about the 80s really?lol.i was just a kid in the 80s.

    Thanks, and have a nice day :D
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