z28's and ss's

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  1. just curious.......how fast are the 2? and whats my chances if they are stock? like 95 96's

  2. Well.. Here is a vid for you to view on this subject..

    Nearly bone-stock 04 'Vert GT 5spd vs LT1 WS6


    GT wins.. I saw that one in person last night, both cars were in the group that travelled up to the track with me
  3. Well, the '95-'96 are LT1's which when running against your car with your existing mods is going to be pretty close. The base Z28 is good for low, low-14s at right around 100mph, where the SS is good for .2-.3 and 1-3mph better than that.

    Your chances are good if the owner of the F-Body is a mediocre driver and you’re quick with the stick, but otherwise I wouldn’t go betting the farm on winning the race just yet.
  4. They are quick my friend had a 93 Z-28 with an LT1 and an automatic it was a fairly fast car. Most of our races ended up side by side!
  5. drivers race.
  6. lt1 vs 99-04 is a drivers race
    ls1 vs 99-04 bye bye pretty pony :(.

    ls1 vs * = ls1. touched by the hand of god bishes
  7. couldn't agree more.
  8. Brain you forgot to say the LS1's are touched by the hands of God. :D
  9. I can beat my friends 95 z28 auto and he has a couple mods but up top he kills me but i can get him in the 1/4.
  10. if its an LT1, drivers race. If it has the LS1 motor though, you'll be seeing taillights.
  11. how can i tell if its an ls1 or lt1?
  12. if you're side by side or ahead= LT1

    if you are seeing taillights= LS1
  13. lol......ok thanks......so what is a 95 96 z28? or can they vary
  14. well main body difference i can tell are the head lights and hood.

    the lt1s have boxy type lights while the ls1 are more round.

    also the ls1 hood has nice curves from the head light edges
  15. And as for the taillights you'll see if it's an LS1... They are orange, red and white... while the LT1 taillights (except for '97) are just red and white
  16. Which one is it then?
    This one
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    or this one

    One of them is a LT1 and the other is a LS1.

    The 97 LT1 also has red, orange and white. If the front of the car looks like mine in my sig, it is a LS1.

  17. cool thanks black fang never new that tail lights would tell you what kind they are lol