z28's and ss's

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  1. To fully answer your question you must first find out if the driver has a mullet.
  2. The 96 SS can run a [email protected] bone stock. 95 Z/28 and 96 Z/28 are 13.8-14.2 cars in the M6
  3. LT1


    LS1 (catfish eyes)


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  4. And id be scared of that catfish...even with the turbos. Thats probably one wicked fast car LOL.

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  5. I say this in every thread about this subject: LS1's are not touched by god or unbeatable or anything. I have beaten an LS1 with the mods in my sig (hard to believe, but it happened nonetheless). People underestimate the importance of the driver mod :)
  6. Here is the only pic I have of a LS1.
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    Sorry Blackfang, I had to through that in the mix bro...:D
  7. uumm... your car is automatic

    by 'driver mod' do you mean you weigh 90-100lbs?:shrug:

    and yes, ls1's are touched, nay, built by the hands of god. it's a proven fact.

    the only car that will even come CLOSE to an ls1 powered vehicle is a vtec equipped civic/integra, lowered with an intake and a muffler and maybe an aluminum spoiler.

    that's that, no point in arguing the simple laws of nature
  8. What about teh SRT-4.....I though it was the car that could nevaaa luuuuuzzzzz? :shrug:
  9. I'm sure when I get my heads/cams U&L intakes and all the rest done, i'll have no problem with LS1's. They cant be all that, plus not every driver is perfect.
    Given i'm racing a stock one, with what i'll have i'm sure i'll be low 13's, 12's on DR's. My motor should near 375hp. All N/A....I hate the waiting game.

    But i'm happy as hell right now that I atleat got my exhaust all done, what a difference. My bro in-law has a '84 Z28 with a 305. He has an offroad pipe, catback, nice upper intake and carb, I dunno what else, sounds like a decent cam. I get him every time, by 2 cars or so, it pisses him off sooo much, he's a total redneck too haha. He's convinced all fords are just broken, period.
  10. What about a Cobra??? Even mine stock would have a good chance. Not to mention the 03-04s, that would be plain rape.

  11. GTFO
  12. f-bodies had LT1's from 93-97. LS1's from 98+. As has been said, the rectangular headlights are LT1 cars, the rounded headlights are LS1 cars. Contrary to popular belief, there really isn't a significant difference power- or speed-wise between the "regular" models and the SS/WS6 models. It is mostly marketing/appearance. The autos and sticks run similar times. An LT1 car is a good race for a stock 99-04 Mustang GT 5-speed. An auto Mustang GT will probably have its hands full. Not every stock LS1 f-body runs mid 13's, lots of drivers can't get below high 13's, but at the same track on the same day, they should be significantly faster than a stock Mustang GT.
  13. The LT1 SS's scoot pretty good, quite abit better than the regular LT1's, witch would give a stock or lightly modded GT a very good run.

    The LS1's do go very well and are not to be taken lightly, you'd have to be a really really bad driver not to get them into the 13's. Dipsite the fact that they are an absolute B**** to work on, they do go good.
  14. What about against our terminators?? They handle those easy too? I doubt it:nono:
  15. What does my car being automatic have to do with anything? When I was talking about the "driver mod", I was not talking about my own driving (or my weight, for that matter), but was merely mentioning the fact that most people cannot extract even close to the maximum performance their vehicle offers. With a good driver, I'm pretty sure an LS1 would still beat me, but in my particular circumstance we raced four times, and I won by 1-2 cars every time.
  16. :rlaugh:
    An average driver, who drives better than the *****ty driver you beat, in their LS1 would cream you.
  17. Terminator? :scratch:
  18. '03-'04 SVT Cobra
  19. An 84' Camaro, even with a few mods is still pretty wimpy, after all, they only had about 150hp stock, I'm sure they're still fun to beat up on just the same :nice:
    I haven't had chance to take my TA to the track yet so I don't know for sure but I'd suspect I may be able to sneak into the 12's with DR's, I've done a few mods to it [TB, exhaust, tune, intake] but even stock they really seem to rip, so if you do race one after you get finished all your mods, make sure you nail your launch!
  20. Ahh!! :nice:

    I guess I better start getting out more :D