Z303 cam what's it sound like?

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  1. Hey,just wandering if anyones ever heard the z303 cam and what does it sound like compared to the b303 or the x303? I know this is a pretty large cam but just curiuos to how it compared in sound to the x or b cam. thanks any comments greatly appreciated.
  2. BANG BANG BANG...well actually that's just the sound of it hitting the stock pistons :)LOL
  3. well i have a b-cam and its a fairly small cam, but the b-cam is known for sounding much bigger than it is for some reason. mines pretty lopey and i am sure the others are more lopey, in fact i have heard an x-cam before and it was rather thumpy. sounded good.
  4. I have the b right now also not that agressive a cam,I have heard the x on a video clip and it sounded a little more thumpy also. Just wandering what the z303 sounds like.
  5. "Like the world is coming to an end when you gun the engine"
  6. I have an x cam it sounds really good. But I am also curious what a z sounds like? Don't know to many guys that use that cam.
  7. had a e cam and went to x and no change sounded the same and did not gain any thing it was in one of my race cars not worth the money for a x or z. get a custom grind for your application what heads, cam and gear are you running?