Z304 heads take custom items????

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by beaver2489, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Do these headers take custom headers like the gt40-P heads? or do they take custom rockers or something? Thanks
  2. basic 7/16 rockers, and it also has the stock style pattern for the headers. no special header needed. there is stuff to be done if you buy them bare. it is cheaper to just buy the already assembled ones. don't freak out when you see that the rocker on the intake valve is a little off center.


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  3. beautiful, thanks. my friend just got a bare set for a blown 347 hes building. He got them brand new for $750, I think they sell for around $1050+shipping bare. Hes got the valves and springs for another $100 too. He just needs guide plates. Do they take a special guid plate? Thanks again
  4. oh! you live down around KC, MO? nice! Do they ever have any mustang clubs/shows/events in KC?
  5. i don't think they need special guidplates, mine came with em. do need the head bolt bushings cause these heads are drilled for a 351, and use at least the fel-pro 1262 in take gasket. i do know the the intake valve is taller than the usual valve cause this is kinda like a "highport" head. check out www.kcmustangs.com or www.puposebuilt.org if you haven't already. i'm on there once in a while.