Zaino Bro's

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  1. Who all is usiong zaino bro's and what do you think about it? :shrug: Is it better than zymol? thanks guys
  2. Zaino is the best IMO. I use the polish/wax, scratch remover, and wash. It is all terrific!!!! Great for dark paints.
  3. I always used mothers, I keptm hearing how great zaino was, so tried it, it is decent, but I just am not a fan of the polymer stuff, looks so weird to me, I have yet to find anything that is better than the Meguires Pro Series, and I have worked two jobs at detail shops, so I am not just talking out my ass.
  4. Pic of my friends 91 GT ( now sold ) that was just polished w/ Zaino, keep in mind also that the car just recived a new paint job

  5. That is all I use on my car and IMO is the best out there so far. :nice:
    It will make your paint gloss like it is wet and feel slick as a mofo. :D
    I will neva use anything else on my paint.

  7. Thanks a lot man! :)
  8. Is that a mystic paint job? Man that musta cost some $$$$
  9. PPG Harlequin Colorshift.
  10. Damn! I definitely like that paint!
  11. :OT: Do you know if they make a paint like that with like red, orange, yellow colors and no blue, green, purple, etc in it?
  12. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :drool: :drool: :drool: I hate you j/k :D

  13. I'm sure someone does, an even if not, I'm sure they can make it :nice:
  14. Good question. :D
    Yes I am sure there is a colorshift in any pattern you want.
    Try BASF, House of Kolor & PPG websites or find an authorized body shop for one of them. They will have a pallette available for you to look at. They never let those swatches out of their site though. :) @ $35-50 per ounce their little cards they make for samples are $4-8 each color for body shops.
    Hope this helps you out.
  15. Yes it does. I was thinking about painting my car next summer with the color shifting paint but didnt want to get any blues, greens, etc in it because my car is red to start off with (want to keep it that way kinda) and my interrior is red so blue wont go with that too well. The reason why I want to get my car painted again is the body shop I did it at wasnt that great so theres flaws in the paint that bug the $h!t outta me!
  16. My color range is from Blue to Red and the base is Blue then colorshift over top. All the colorshift paint is is reflective prisms that do not absorb light like convential paint pigments. You see a certain color from what angle of the prisms reflection you are looking at.
    You could start with a red base and flip to whatever color you want.
    Make sure you find an authorized shop for whatever paint company you choose. You want a good warranty from a reputable shop in your area. It doesn't hurt to get the best to paint your ride if you are gonna pay $6,500- 11K for a paint job. You get what you pay for. :nice:
  17. I was thinking about doing it myself again :shrug:
  18. The price of the paint alone will be as much as a whole regular paint job including labor.
    I think my shop paid $6K for just the paint and supplies.
    I have painted all of my interior and engine bay stuff myself. I don't think I'm ready to do a whole car! :D
  19. 6k just for paint??? I'll pass for now and just get it sprayed rio red again, 10 layers of clear, and a badazz buffing job :D
  20. Check around for prices, they are prob more reasonable in Florida.