zaino question

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by mike2858, May 10, 2004.

  1. do you guys put carnuba wax over the zaino polish or is it not needed? if u do put it on and then u apply another coat of zaino will it still adhere to the wax and start building layers like it does when its only zaino or will the wax prevent the zaino from sticking?
  2. Put some S100 over the Zaino. it will make it look absolutly amazing!!! it really isnt needed, but it gives it a much deeper shine. u can get S100 of their website for $15! :banana: its one of the best wax's i have ever used. even w/ S100 alone (no zaino on my car) it looks amazing!!! w/ it on top of the Zaino, u will be stunned!
  3. i emailed sal at zaino and he said that putting the wax over zaino would hinder the effects of zaino. now i dont know if hes saying that because he thinksi might switch products or if hes tellin the truth. but judgin by the pic in ur avatar doenst look like anything went wrong :)
  4. If you top Zaino with a carnauba you will have to remove the carnauba when it comes time to apply another layer of Zaino. It will not bond to carnauba. This is why I don't use Zaino much anymore. It is not compatible with most anything else and if I am gonna top it anyway why not just skip Zaino all together. There is still the durability issue but, I wax every 1-2 months anyway and I have had no problems getting the carnauba products I use to last at least that long. For me Meguiars NXT Tech Wax has filled the gap between carnaubas and polymers like Zaino. If you haven't tried it I would give it a shot. You are out nothing but, the $14 to try it.