ZAINO questions

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by streetstang03, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. I just got some Zaino for Xmas and I have a few questions. sorry if it gets long! first, do I use the Z5 before I use the Z2, or does it really matter? Also, can someone tell me if I have the whole process right? To my understanding, I wash my car with blue liquid Dawn first. Then, I rewash it using the Zaino car wash (using microfiber towels to wash w/). After that, I dry the car with microfiber towels and apply the Z1. Let it dry for an hour and then buff it out. Then Z6 spray and then the Z5. Let it dry and then buff out. Then Z6, followed by Z2. Then Z6, then Z5. Then the Z6 and Z2 again. I plan on adding some S100 carnauba wax on top on the Zaino to add more depth to the paint and reflection. Thanks in advance to any help! (oh ya, the car is a black 2000 Mustang GT!)

    btw-this is my first post as a new member even though i've been reading the forums for almost a year!
  2. I got Zaino for Christmas as well, I have not started but I have the same questions as you. I will be doing the Zaino thing this weekend.
  3. First use something like dawn to get all the old wax/polish off or use a clay bar if you got one. Then use z-5 first then z-2. You can do another coat of z-5 or z-2. As many coats at you want.
  4. Is 1 coat enough? i've heard people say that they use multiple coats. my car is black and im trying to hide the swirl marks. i hope zaino lasts long too cause i used Meguires before and it didnt last all that long.