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  1. i just got my zaino products this week. started the waxing of the car. i have only used the scratch remover polish(z-5) so far. the car looks good, not sure if it is more reflective now. im compairing it to the off the shelf products that i bought from pep boys.

    anyway the car had a million coats of wax on it and looked pretty shiny. striped all that off with dawn hand soap, and went to work with zaino.

    like i said im not sure if it is as shiny with the zaino, but it has only one coat so far. it is not really a fair compairson yet. im on the second coat of z5, then ill finish it off with the z2 clear coat wax. that should do it .

    by the way its going, im gonna say it will look better then off the shelf products. it has removed many swirl marks so far, that is somthing that other products cant seem to do well. zaino has no dusty residue(at least z5 dont ) hope its the same for thr z2. the car is looking real good :nice:

    it is a bit of a **** to buff off the car though.
  2. Z5 is NOT a scratch remover. As Sal is fond of pointing out NONE of his products have abrassives or any kind of paint cleaner in them. I do believe he is working on a paint cleaner but, currently there is nothing in the Zaino lineup that "removes" scratches. Z5 does have a very slight ability to lessen the appearance of scratches but, it cannot remove them.

    I am not really a Zaino fan but, I do have it and use it mainly because of its durability and ease of use. I would say that if you had a hard time buffing it off you used way too much. You should barely be able to tell you applied Zaino when using it, thin is the key word here.
  3. yea i was thinking i might have used too much, but it was nothing compaired to what i usually use withother products. i read to use it sparingly, and i tried.

    well i guess it hides scratches better then off the shelf products that are meant to get rid of scratches. well i mean swirl marks. i am going to wipe down the other half of the car right now, it is taking me so f in long to buff out.

    what wax do you like if you are not a zaino fan? it good priced compaired to the really good stuff.
  4. If you are looking for something quick and easy I would try Meguiars NXT Tech Wax. It is not as durable as Zaino but, it is cheaper and you can get it pretty much anywhere.

    Currently I am using Klasse AIO and Klasse SG and if you think you are having a hard time removing Zaino than I don't think you want to try Klasse SG :D it can be a pain but, to me it is worth it!

    Try applying Zaino even thinner next time and I bet you won't have the issues you are having with removal. I typically apply a dab smaller than a dime on a foam applicator and that is usually enough to do the entire hood of a Mustang and then some.
  5. thanks for the advice man. i was using nxt tec wax right before this. it did a good job, was easy, and cheap. however i was hoping for better if possable. anyway you did your hole hood with a dab the size of a dime!!!!!!

    wow i must have used too much. i just dont like the pad to run dry and create more scratches in the clear coat. with zaino it a bit har dto tell if you are running out, so i figured better safe then sorry. i think nexcoat i will lay on thinner :D
  6. I put on wax like its going out of style...i must have put on over 15 coats just last summer. I switched from mothers to NXT last year and I love the NXT, it works wonders. I want to try the zaino, but I am not willing to fork over the money for it yet. I really need to know that its like magic in order for me to pay that much for wax and have the inconvenience of having to order it online and wait for it to come. So for now, ill stick with my NXT.
  7. zaino

    I agree, you are using too much. It should wipe right off. Also make sure it is totally dry before you wipe it off. If you are using the ZFX accelerator it should dry fairly quickly. I did my car last month at 60 degrees and it dried in about 10 minutes.
  8. i let it dry for a couple of hours, cause instructions said to make sure its dry, and it could be left to dry over night.
  9. :nono: , always use a clay bar, never dish detergent. And you will not really notice a difference between NXT and Z5 until you apply the Z2 on top of the Z5. Good luck and just keep applying more (thin) coats. The more coats, the deeper the shine. I also recommend the Z6 spray for final touch ups.
  10. Occaisional Dawn use isn't going to hurt anything. Given that I don't think I have ever used Dawn on my GT as automotive car wax doesn't really build up. We aren't talking floor wax here guys. I am also skeptical that Clay removes wax. If you want to ensure that you are starting with a clean surface, clay first and then use a good paint cleaner. Even the mildest of paint cleaners will remove any wax on the paint, you will also get the side benefit of removing minor paint defects while you are at it.
  11. Use the ZFX with Zaino and it comes off very very well. Otherwise I like to let it sit for 4-6 hours (don't do this if it's parked outside).

    I like the ZFX because I can apply 3 coats in 1 hour with my PC.
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