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  1. This stuff is great. I'm on my second coat of z2 and the car is like a mirror. Before I get :worthlesb I'd love to post pics, but my camera isn't doing good in the low light in my garage. I'll try to get them tomorrow in the sunlight tho.
  2. :worthlesb
  3. Dammit.. I'll try after I'm done with the second coat. You'll get to see reflections of my garage. :rlaugh:
  4. 63vmyv5.jpg

    That's the best I can do in the garage. That isn't close to how good it looks..

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  5. I hear ya. Garage lighting usually blows.
  6. It's a night and day difference and I had meguires on it before.
  7. zaino is by far the best wax out there PERIOD!
  8. i want to try this stuff, anyone selling any used bottles?
  9. I only used the z3 polish with zfx and the zaino spray wax. It's not too expensive if you just buy that. I have the whole set, but I only had to use the other stuff on my fiancee's black ml320(looked like hell before and now looks like a mirror) :hail2: This is all I'm going to use from now on.
  10. I have been using Zaino since 1997 and I will never switch. You should try the Z-6 gloss enhancer spray and the new one Z-8 grande finale spray seal. My paint job would not look like it does without this stuff for sure.
  11. I used the z6 after every coat of z3. :D What is the deal with the z8? Do you use that after the z6?
  12. Use it instead. It's kinda pricey so I use it for car shows and cruises, if you think Z-6 is good you can't believe what Z-8 is like.
  13. I hope this stuff is not all hype! I just placed an order for the Z-5 and the Z-2, plan on using it on my fresh new black paint job as soon as the stuff arrives, you guys using 100% cotton or microfiber towels?? I have been using microfiber towels lately and love them!
  14. Trust me it's not hype. I have always used 100% cotton. Did you get the ZFX flash cure additive? Your gonna need it at first at least, also make sure you wash the car with dawn to get rid of anything before you apply it. You will see that there is no white flakey mess, it's very easy to use. Go on the website and read the tips and tricks. Also the car wash is amazing, helps keep the shine goin. The more coats the deeper and deeper. See my car in the thread of nicest foxes pg.5 red/black coupe that shine is Zaino not a fantastic paint job, believe me.
    Good luck.
  15. i didnt get the flash additive, I failed to read that it is required, now I'm looking at paying another shipping charge :(
  16. That stinks, we always plan a large order to take advantage of the shipping. The first coat you put on use the amount of drops it says but after that you only need to use like half the amount and it works best if the temp. of where you are doing it is at least 60 degrees.
  17. I was using microfiber towels because I couldn't find any good soft cotton ones. The flash additive is not required, just makes it work faster and lets you layer more than 1 coat in a day i think. With the flash additive, I got 3 coats done in 4 hrs or so.

    Have you tried the All in one or the clear seal?
  18. Have you tried everything else out there?? BTW it's a sealant not a wax. Ziano does look good to it doesn't give paint enough depth. Black cars just look like mirrors instead of of a deep black pool if oil that looks like it's going to drip right of the car.
  19. It's not required, the additive (like mentioned) speeds up the curing time so you can pretty much layer it right away.
  20. So, without the additive, how long will it take the first application to dry?