Zaino review

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  1. 12-24 hours in between coats.
  2. So, just to make sure I am clear on this, I apply a coat of zaino, let it sit for 15 min or more according to the label, then buff off with towel, then wait another 12-24 hours and re apply another coat, this is the correct process without the flash additive?
  3. Could use some help.
    Is there a Zaino retail distributor in the Cincinnati area?
    Can't get Zaino consistently in Calgary and I will be in Cincinnati next weekend. Can't order it shipped to Canada. If someone here knows of an outlet I can drive to I will pick some up while I am there.
    Thanks in advance.
  4. I just called Zaino and there is no distributor in Ohio.
    Have to order on line.
    Too bad.
  5. do you know anyone in the US? You could have it shipped to them, then they can ship it to you possibly?
  6. How does Zaino compare with Klasse All In One with regards to:

    1). durability
    2). ease of application/removal
    3). shine

    I would like an easy 1 step process, and it seems like Zaino AIO is probably a close competitor to Klasse AIO.

    I usually wash and wax my cars 1-2 times a year. I rinse the Crown Vic more during the winter to get rid of the salt.
  7. Been using nothing but Zaino since 1999, the stuff rocks, glad many of you guys are discovering it.
    Not the greatest pics of the GT, but use it on it as well.