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  1. Anyone out there use Zaino over a dealers "paint protection product"? If so, what did you have to do to prep the surface prior to using the Zaino and how did it turn out?

    I asked this via the Zaino "ask us" feature on their web site but I received what I suspect was an automatically sent response that only advised me not to get the dealer protection. No answer about applying their product after the fact.

  2. Zaino advised you correctly. That dealer "paint protection" is SCAM ALL THE WAY. Just wash your car three or four times and scrub hard using Dawn dishwashing detergent to try to get off all the low budget garbage the dealer applied. Then Zaino your car. There is only ONE TRUE PAINT PROTECTION. Thats the thin 3M type materials that are applied over your paint., check my previous posts on this subject. Best investment you will EVER make.
  3. Any Red fire gt's up there in St Albert???
    I live in Calgary, just placed an order but getting a little worried I won't get one until lat Sept or Oct. Don't really want a new stang in the winter....
    Not quite ready to pull the order but looking around all the same..

    :shrug: :shrug:

  4. ExCon: is this product easily applied yourself, or would I need to have someone put it on for me?
  5. Zen Baby! If your talking about Armourfend you really need a pro to install it if you want a first rate job. If you try to install it yourself you will end up with alot of bubbles and a half assed job. Pay the cash, find soneone who ONLY INSTALLS PAINT PROTECTION, not window tinters or stereos. This way you get a quality job.
  6. Con-I went to the link you posted, and after I added it all up it seems like $500 to $600 before installation. What's the bottom line after prof installation and how much of the car do you cover?
  7. Cost me $600.00 installed. Don't believe pricing on the web.
  8. cancel it and get the torch red.

    torch red is nicer.
  9. Thanks ExCon. Chcpman, check for an e-mail from me with a list of dealers and their numbers.

  10. what a crappy web site you cant even get a picture of the product...ill never go there again.