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  1. I noticed on the website that it says "just put a nickel size dab of polish on the applicator" because a little goes a long way. I haven't found this to be true. It takes almost 2 full ounces to do my car( '05 mustang). When emailed Sal on how much he used he said he could wax a mustang twice with one ounce.

    How in the hell am I using so much more than they do? Has anyone experienced the same thing I am? It seems like the applicators abosorb a lot of the polish, so a nickel size dab isn't really working for me.

    Does anyone have any advice or tips they could tell me about? :shrug: :shrug:

  2. It's probably because you're looking for that haze to form when drying. It doesn't do that unless you overload the applicator. When the proper amount is applied you'll just get a slight dulling of the color. Trust me though, put about 5-10 coats on and it will be like wet glass. (Of course, it takes the better part of the day. Oh, and make sure the car is cool and in the shade.)
  3. Yeah, it is tough to break old

    When you next wax your car, try to just put a dab on (the hood for example) and work it in quickly. I don't know if Sal uses this technique or not, ( I think I learned it from using a boutique wax, but it works well for me) work the Zaino in in one direction (verticle or horizontal but NOT in a circle) then do the same thing in a perpendicular stroke (imagine a checkerboard effect) There are two keys to using as little as possible:
    1) Working quickly, in 2-3 foot sections.
    2) The car MUST be in a cool space and cool to the touch.
    You'll be suprised how thinly you can spread Zaino. I can't do my car with 1/2 an ounce, but I usually have leftovers from 1 ounce. It just takes practice (which can take a long time to get because you only need Zaino once every 6 months or so).
    Don't sweat it if you are using a little too much. I think Sal adds that bit so guys that would otherwise use 4-6 oz don't. This isn't wax, so don't apply it like it is. :nice:
  4. You are right, I am looking for the haze look. I'm also trying to apply it to one side of the hood at a time or one side of the roof at a time.

    I'll try doing the 2 - 3 foot sections this next time and see how that goes.

    Thanks for the responses!!!
  5. I've been using Zaino for almost 1 1/2 years, as previously stated, as you get use to how it works, you will use less.
  6. I've been using Zaino for over 5 years, and I use so little to polish my Stang, that I have to throw it away. Over time it tends to coagulate in the bottle.

    The above is correct, less is better. And the longer it can dry the better, I've had humid days were I just leave it on overnight (in the garage). I've had friends complain that it won't dry, but they are 1) putting it on too thick and 2) it can take hours. I allow 4 hours minimum.

    Also, Sal suggests applying long-ways across the hood and up and down on the doors/sides. He swears it will create a better look.
  7. Do you mean how it separates out into 'layers' of the various components after sitting in the garage (seems to be worse if it sits in an unheated garage over a cold winter) for 8 months? By shaking the crap out of I can get it to recombine. Man my wrists and arms were sore after ten minutes of that but it worked - not sure what the neighbors thought I was doing though :).
  8. :lol:
    I mean it gets kinda lumpy. Seems no matter how much I shake it (had plenty of practice since I'm married!:banana: ), there is still some "chunks" in it. So I just bag-in and order a-new. Also, I keep it stored indoors.
  9. Anyone hear anything about Tw's Liquid Ice? Is that their attempt at a Zainotype product?

    Also, I have yet to try Zaino yet. I assume you would all recommend it. How many coats will do the job (7-10)? Can it go on right over my old wax from last year, or should I buff that out?
  10. No, no need to buff it out. Just wash the car using Dawn dishwashing liquid. It will strip off your old wax. Then just go get a 6-pack and be prepared for a long day of waxing and buffing. You won't be disapointed!

    Just look in the customer pics section of their website. The results are amazing.
  11. you would have to buff to remove scratches and such, right? i have never used zaino, so :shrug:
  12. My question is that if you used 2 ounces on one car, how in the world did you get it off?? I use less than 1/2 an ounce to do my mustang and that is sometimes difficult to get off. Zaino at times is really easy, and at times, is very frustrating. It is very weather sensitive.
  13. The above is correct, Dawn will strip it down. Zaino will NOT help with scratches. In fact, it really doesn't do anything for water spots either (I use a leaf blower to dry the car). It is not a wax, it is a polish in the purest sense. I believe Sal recommends 3M scratch remover. Don't know what else to use, I'm very lucky - no car spends a lot of time in the garage. And since I've only used Zaino, no swirls or UV damage!

    Check out the Zaino Bros. web site it has some great tips. Or just call or email Sal Zaino, he's very helpful.

    This stuff is amazing, I can pick my car out of a lot - no problem. The shine is that good. And it's a bonus that it lasts so long. I've been messing with cars for over 25 years and Zaino is by far the best. Nothing even comes close. Wait til you see how water beads-up...:hail2:
  14. Most often when having issues removing Zaino it is due it it not setting up completely. Are you using the ZFX additive with it? If so, after about 30 minutes it is ready to remove. Humidity, cooler temps all play a part in the set / cure time of Zaino. They can increase the time from 1/2 hour to three or more hours. If not using the additive, give it at least 2 hours depending on the environmental variables.

    Using a good buffer and the proper pad, pressure, rotational speed and hand speed, Z2-Pro will remove some minot flaws. Anything deeper then you should try the new ZPC. That is what it is made for, a very light abrasive that completely breaksdown.

    I usually finish off my session with a coat of Z2-Pro using a light buffing pad, a wipe down with Z6 and another coat of Z2-Pro using a finishing pad for the deep wet shine and finished with a wipe down using Z8. You can also try letting it set for about 15 minutes, and wipe down with a MF towel soaked in ice water... then follow that with Z6 or Z8.
  15. is this kit worth it, or should i just buy a few items. my car is black and has some swirls/scratches. i do need the claybar, as i have some crap on the paint. daily driver FTW!

    any recommendations are appreciated.
  16. I personally use the Clay bar, shampoo, Z5, Z2-Pro, ZFX, ZPC, Z6 and Z8.

    Mine is a daily driver and black as well with over 32K miles. I recently needed to wet sand the hood. Used 1500, 2000 and 3000 UNIGRIT. Needing a little more abrasiveness to remove the sanding marks, I used some Optimum Compound followed by some Optimum Polish, some cutting pads and a PC7336 polisher.

    But for most normal paint defects, a good polished such as the Porter Cable PC7224 or PC7336, some good pads and the right product will have the car looking better than new.

    I use Meguiers Leather / Vinyl products, Tire Gel and Invisible Glass. other than that I use a lot of Z6 for between coats of Z5 or Z2 Pro, and for daily wipe downs, I use the Z8 for the extra pop after day of polishing.

    Do you have a polisher / buffer or is this going to be by hand? If your using a buffer then find ing the correct pad, orbital speed and hand speed takes a few minutes and use the ZPC. If by hand then a few coats of Z5 until your happy then top it with some Z2-Pro.
  17. i have a buffer, but which pad would you use? the zaino site does not say. i imagine a foam pad would be better. :shrug: i buffed out the paint a while back and have waxed it a few times since, but it just does not look very good, imo.
  18. I believe the Z7 takes care of the scratches, then you switch to the Z5 for the final coats. Oh, and Sal also reccomends using an expensive towell cut into to small sections for buffing.
  19. The only Zaino product that will help with removing swirls is the ZPC but you need to use it with a porter cable orbiter not just a standard orbital polisher. Zaino claims you can apply it by hand but I wouldn't recommend it. If you don't do it properly, you will make more swirls than you remove. Also, using the ZPC on a black car sometimes leaves a residue or like a grey film. That comes off when you apply the z2pro. If you want to do it right and remove, and I mean remove all swirls, go to and read up. That's where I learned a lot. There are a lot of better products than the zaino ZPC to remove swirls and really polish the paint before you put a sealer like z2pro on. Zaino is really a sealer and not a polish. What I just did to my trans am because its a 99 is wash with dawn, clay bar, ZPC, followed by 3m swirl remover and remove any grey film leftover from zpc, I was gonna use some z5 followed by some z2 but was out of z5 so I used Meguiars #7 show car glaze followed by some z2. I hope this helps..
  20. i dont like the 3m swirl remover for dark colors, it does not seem to get rid of swirls for very long. wash it again, and they are back. i think the 3m stuff washes off. we use it in the bodyshop, but after a day, the swirls are back. :shrug: