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  1. I think I remember a discussion on this awhile back...

    Is Zaino safe to apply over vinyl stripes? Not that the stripes necessarily need to be coated, but it would mean I could be a little less careful around them. Would a coat a Zaino make bugs and dirt wipe off the stripes easier?
  2. Hmmm. Looks like nobody knows? :shrug: So I get to be the guinea pig! :D
  3. You'll be fine putting Zaino Z5 or Z2 over vinyl. You want to make sure you cover any unpainted trim and plastic.

    Here's the prep that I did:
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    View attachment 510304

    Here are my results after three coats of Z5:
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    View attachment 510310

    Here's a lil secret, add a layer or two of a nice Carnuaba wax after the Zaino has cured and you'll get an amazing wet look.

    This is the finished result after the Z5 cured I added 1 coat of Z2 and 2 coats of Carnuaba wax:

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  4. You're obviously being careful w/ the zaino and the plastic trim. Does zaino have any different effect on plastic trim than what any ordinary wax would do to it?

  5. Dude, WTF? Are you polishing or painting the car? That's a little overboard

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  6. :lol: I thought it was a bit much as well...but, to each his own. :)
  7. Wow! That's an amazing shine, though. :nice: Looks like wet paint. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Wow!!! Im gonna have to buy some Zaino sometime... :nice:
  9. Haha, yea, my examples are a bit overboard if you apply by hand, I use an orbital buffer so I make sure to cover everything. With proper prep work you can keep clean up time to a minimum.

    The Zaino won't harm or dull the plastic but when it get's on trim it's kind of a b*tch to get off.

    I'm not THAT overboard, go visit and you'll see what overboard is. They can show you how to detail EVERY part of the car.