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  1. when i bought my car the guy that sold it to me used Zaino wax and the car still looks like it just got waxed and its been about 3 months so far i never asked where he got it only what he used anyone know where i can buy zaino products from a store? i know you can from (
  2. It isnt sold in stores. Some good store bought alternatives are Reflections (only at Pepboys) FX, NXT, Nanowax and some others.
  3. Best thing to do is just order it direct at

    It's worth every penny, you won't find anything else that last even half as long as Zaino. (It's not wax though, it's a "layering" polish.) :banana:

  4. holy crap!!! someone who finally acknowledged it is a polish...not a wax! Says it right on the bottle..."polish" but you hear about it being wax..

    I think turtle wax ultra gloss is better though...just sold all of my zaino..
  5. Zaino is a very durable sealant. That is why 3 months later your car still looks great. Zaino and Klasse are probably the two best sealants as far as durability goes. Don't buy into that whole "This product is the best" garbage. There is no such thing as best. There is only what you like best. Personally I'm not a fan of Zaino. I think it makes cars look plasticy and fake. I much prefer the look of fresh paint and to me Zaino doesn't look that way. To each their own though... I feel that NXT looks the most similar to Zaino if you are curious. If you like the way NXT looks then you will love Zaino. NXT is about a hundred times cheaper though. Well... maybe not a hundred, but it is a lot cheaper.
  6. What are you talking about? Walk into Pep Boys and they have NXT wax for $14.95, and on Zaino's site, their Z-2 Pro is the same price. Plus, the bottle of Zaino lasts a lot longer than the NXT, and the durability of Zaino is longer than NXT as well. Now I agree with you that Zaino gives almost a plastic looking shine. I prefer more a deep looking finish (from products like SSR, Natty's, etc.). But you are just wrong if you think NXT is "a lot" cheaper than Zaino.

    Don't believe me?
  7. Let's not forget to factor in the cost of shipping, which has risen with gas prices. Personally to me it doesn't matter how "good" any LSP (last step product/pertectant) is, what matters is how well you prep the paint. View attachment 502479
  8. True. I don't pay for shipping though, there is a guy who distributes it like 10 minutes from my house. You are right though.
  9. is it a store or someone who buys it from them?
  10. Wow sweet deal you lucky sum **** lol. Wish I had a vendor that close to me, I do have that is an about two hours away but with gas prices it's still cheaper to have them shipped to my door.
  11. Nah it's a guy who distributes out of his house (mansion).
  12. You can find it cheap and in bulk at some web stores i think. I Found it a while ago...didn't order any though.

  13. Where?
  14. You are wrong.

    A polish by definition is abrasive to REMOVE defects. The polish as its called supplied by zaino contains NO abrasives, it fills swirls by layering it on until they are filled. The top coat of zaino is a sealant. The "polish" is in fact not a polish but perhaps more accurately a glaze.

    Want to test this? Find a single stage paint job and take this "polish" to it. If paint doesn't come off on the pad...its not polish.

    for more info hit the guys at

    Thats where I learned, but be careful since joining there I spend most of my free time cleaning my cars. :banana:
  15. +1 :( :banana:
  16. In order to "polish" ones paint it needs abrasives to do so. With out abrasives you're just simply applying product to the paint. For a 100% accurate anwser just email them and ask.........
  17. I just email them this question and will report there answer when recieved.
  18. Ziano is quick I'll give them a big thumbs up on a fast reponse. Here is what Sal Ziano (the owner himself) reponded
    My Q's-Is your product Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish actually a polish

    Sal's respons "Z-2 Pro is non abrasive and not a true polish..."

    My Q's-or just a paint sealant??

    Sal's respons-"Yes..."

    There Z2 Pro polish is NOT an actual polish acordding to the man who onws Zaino, Sal Zaino case closed........
  19. so if this isnt a polish then what products do you have to use to make it a complete job at least from zaino products? i seen the kit they sell that looks good. im guessing after all has been done to the car that you should add turtle wax to it for a better shine and protection or will the hurt it with all that zaino products on it? because zainos not a wax so i would think you could end the project with turtle wax