Zaino Wax

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  1. Adding TW after using paint sealants won't do much as far as protection and durabilty goes. Paint sealants like Zaino, NXT, Synwax, and Zmol are man made. Thus making them superior to any pure carnuba wax (comes from mother nature)as far as protection and durabilty goes.

    Now as far as adding a polisher to the job is pointless unless you have a buffer. Trying to remove swirls by hand is a two day job of pain staking mind numbing slow death (get the picture). If you do have a variable buffer (one that spins up to at least 3000 opm's) then add Zaino's "Z5 show car polish for removing swirls" will complete your detail.

    Note Poorboys world is every bit as good as Zaino and PB is sun friendly which is a big plus if you don't have a whole lot of shade to work with..Specialty Motoring carrys a "Paint Perfection Kit" using PB's SSR 2.5 (removes sratches) and SSR1 (polishes the rest of the swirls/marring away) just add your favorite claybar, and wax or paint sealant to finish it off :nice:
  2. Zaino can be applied in the sun too I believe.
  3. Zaino gives a cheap plasticy look? Maybe when you look at the car while smoking CRACK! :shrug:
  4. Most sealants do give a "wrapped in plastic" look imo. That's why I prefer carnuba for that deep wet look.
  5. Zaino is one of the best. Everyone has there own opinion. Zaino gives the best shine on black cars. Also if zaino is a polish or not even a true one, does that mean I need to apply a wax coat now like mothers carnuba wax, since zaino is a polish and I need a wax protect coat now?
  6. Like mentioned earlier in the confirmed email Z2 Pro polish is just the name of it it's not a polish, It is a paint sealant.........
  7. Yes, I read that so what is a paint sealant exactly. Do I need to add a wax on top?
  8. This will explain both carnuba and Paint sealants
    Your second question-no you don't need to add canuba on top, but you can if you like. Paint sealants are basicly carnuba waxes on steriods....**Note you can put carnuba wax on top of a paint sealant, however you can not put a paint sealant on top of a carnuba you WILL have bonding issues this way***
  9. Nice, so paint sealants are better. ZAINO :hail2:
  10. Yup they are better as far as durability and protection goes. But IMO carnauba takes the "wet paint" look hand down. But that's just my .02 :p ,Also Zaino is not the only online paint sealant that works great. Check out my thread Here 4 Stars Ultimate paint protection looks awesome as well. It also has a reputation (among more experienced detailers/enthusiasts) for being one of the slickest paint sealants out there. Thrust me the surface is slick like a mofo. If it could give my white stang that type of depth/shine (on a well prepped paint of course) image what it could look like on black, red :drool: Ultimate Paint protection

  11. Hay ive been reading a lot of threads on waxes and i want to know what stores cary they high quality items like Carnauba and zaino and 4star. i believe zaino is online only though.
  12. Carnuaba is a type of wax, not a brand. Mothers and Meguires have carnuaba wax that can be bought at just about any auto store. S100 is another one that you can buy at Harley stores.

    Zaino is only online, unless somebody around you buys it and distributes it.