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  1. Just finished the first 2 coats of Zaino and I love it ! :nice:

    FYI I bought my GT in Nov. 2004 and I drive it everyday. I also put on alot of mileage at the time of these photos it had 15308 miles on it and has seen an entire Wisconsin winter, everyday of it.

    I clayed it then one coat of Zaino z-2, then gloss enhancer, then 1 coat of Z-5, and another gloss enhancer. It turned out great I have 3 more coats planned. :banana:

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  2. Looks sweet!!!
  3. that is an amazing product!
  4. Great job man!! I've used Zaino a bunch - it's excellent stuff.
  5. JM, it looks great. That is the same color as the one I ordered. Thanks for showing me what mine will look like. After reading all of the threads about Zaino, it looks to be a no-brainer as what to use when my baby comes in.

    GT Redfire Coupe
    Charcoal Interior
    17" aluminum wheels
  6. Looks great. Zaino definitely rules.
  7. Did we lose your thread on Zaino? I was planning on buying the same items as you did. Can you repost what you bought, plus your pics and your application steps?
  8. I keep forgetting that those posts have been lost.
    The only two products I purchased from Zaino was the ZFX flash cure accelator additive and the Z-2 pro car polish.
    I wanted to try it before I shelled out too much money. I washed my car with dawn then dried it applied a coat, let it dry for 30 mins, removed Zaino, applied 2nd coat waited 30 mins then buffed out. No elbow grease was required it came off soo easy. I was going to do more coats, but I had to take the wife into surgery for her broken wrist, plus it was getting hot, darn that south florida sun.
    heres a link to my garage(out of room for attachments)
  9. OK call me stupid, but what's Zaino? Is it like the high gloss polishers? I had perma seall applied at the dealership which guarantees the paint forever>>> if I keep up with it. I use Meguilars spray detailer evalmost everyday to keep it shiny ?
    Can it shine more than it does?
  10. Thanks, Kevin. I actually got word that I can expect my car back in the next week and got so het up, I just ordered the kit and lay back dreaming of my shiny Mustang in the drive instead of the bird-crap and dust layered Pacifica from Enterprise! :banana:
  11. man...its been gona a long time huh?

    i hope they fix it right
  12. Is Zaino safe to use over vinyl stripes? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions?