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  1. ive heard its the best...where do i get it, what should i get, and how much does it cost??

    i used to use NXT tech zaino better??

    black cars are a PITA to keep nice...but well worth it after a serious wash/wax job.
  2. zaino destroys NXT. heres my GT w/ zaino:



    those pics were taken in direct sunlight this summer. i used meguires shampoo/conditioner car wash, then clay bar, then Z2, then topped it off w/ Turtle Wax Ultra Gloss.

    old pics before suspension work w/ Z2 and Z5:



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  3. Zaino is good and last a long time but for the amout you get for what you pay seems pricey. Four Stars Ultimate Paint Protection has gone head to head with Zaio (on detail forums like and and has lasted just as long and in some cases a bit longer. You also get more per once. Both would work good for your car and
  4. the key to the first guy's shine is the turtle wax ultra gloss...make sure you use that...I don't even bother with zaino anymore...sold all of it...I use all the turtle wax stuff now....I think it is a better shine than zaino...
  5. You can get it from, and yes it's the best. :D
    Here's why:
    - Even though it's a polish, it layers. Each time you add another coat, the layer gets thicker which gives you more protection - shine gets deeper.
    - It's 99.9% optically clear. That's why the paint on cars polished with Zaino looks so deep and shiney. You'll never get that with carnuba.
    - It's not water soluable like carnuba wax. (rain, washing, etc. won't remove it nearly as fast)
    - It's extremely easy to put on and take off. You can leave it on overnight and it'll still come off with little work.
    - It smells good. :D

    It's not really that expensive. You spend thousands on your car, so what's $30.00 or so to make it look its best? I think you can get the basics for around $30.00.

    The key to any good wax or polish job is the prep work. You'll have people tell you Zaino is too hard to use because of the prep, but it's the exact same process you shoud do no matter what wax or polish you use.
    - Wash, use Claybar, wash again, polish or wax. :nice:
  6. Incorrect it's not a polish is a paint sealant I email Sal Zaino this same question and he confirmed it.
  7. Nope, not incorrect.
    It's true that Zaino is a sealant, but it's still considered a "polish" as opposed to a "carnuba wax".

    Happy now? :jester: :banana:

    I've spoken to Sal on the phone, never met him though. Cool dude. I was thinking about becoming a Zaino dealer until he started selling on his website. No need for dealers anymore...........
  8. your wrong, its a "sealant" as opposed to a "wax". its not a polish.
  9. Nope in his email he responed with it's not a polish it's a sealant. Not my words......Sals.